Losing weight fast is not an easy thing to do, and you might find that the weight will start to creep back over time. Here are a few pointers about how you can start dropping weight fast:

Let's begin by eating healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables to get the most nutrition you can. Junk food and other foods that are high in fat have very little nutritional value and should be avoided. If you don't like the gym, try to make time for a short walk before each meal. If you really want to lose weight quickly, you must start eating better.

Secondly, develop a taste for green tea. Green tea is a little known secret weapon in helping you lose weight faster. Experiment with all the different kinds of green tea until you find one that you really like. Try to find loose leaf or matcha because these types don't come in tea bags, which actually filter out a lot of the nutrients.

Third, stop drinking soda and other carbonated drinks. These are not good for your health. Steer clear of diet drinks too, since they are filled with bad stuff as well, like aspartame.

Forth, don't go it alone. If you know someone else who is trying to drop a few pounds, team up with them. You can keep each other going strong with encouragement and motivation. Weight loss is a heck of a lot easier when you are part of a team.

Next, your really need to make sure you don't overeat. The typical three meals that most people eat each day isn't really good enough for most people. Eat five or six meals each day, but much smaller than a usual meal instead. This controls metabolism better and will help ensure that you don't indulge in sugary snacks.

Sixth, you should decide on a weight loss goal. Having a wishy-washy goal like "I want to lose weight" is nothing more than setting yourself up for failure at the start. How do you know when you succeeded? When you're down a pound? Maybe twenty? If you don't have specific goal, you simply won't achieve any form of success. Pick a number and check your progress.

So, with these tips you now know how to lose weight fast. Weight loss is not an easy task. You'll be struggling against a lifetime of bad habits, but you can do it.

Author's Bio: 

Natalie Leavenworth struggled with diets and weight loss fads for years before finally getting serious about losing weight. Now much slimmer, she enjoys helping others drop those extra pounds.