Article marketing is emerging now as it could save cost and manpower cost.
Article marketing is different form other marketing method. Here are several skills:

First you can not write an article concentrated on your company keyword or repeating the website, which looks like an advertisement. The reader may lose their interest in your article and have not patience to read through the article.

Second, you have to find a good topic that can attract many people’s interest and mention your company products or profile or company website once or twice, not too many times.

Third,you have to write in a foreign language, you have to check the spelling and the grammar. Nobody is willing to spend time reading articles with spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes. The reader want to read the article as appreciating an good novel and fell good after reading your article.

Article marketing is a good way to promote the company website. When the article is published on some famous websites or searched out through large search engine, such as Baidu or Google.

When you write the article, you have to learn some special features of your company website or products.

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