Accountants and a Bookkeeper both are essential for any business and are the greatest financial asset to a company. You cannot be an accountant without being a good bookkeeper. virtual accounting
and Virtual Bookkeepers are gaining popularity because accounting professionals are looking for work flexibility.

What is Virtual Accounting and Virtual Bookkeeping?

It is an accounting, bookkeeping, or a financial position that can be done remotely. Accountants are professionals who manage business finances and help businesses run better and more profitably.

Following are the duties of a Virtual Accountant:

Numeracy Skills:

Numeracy skills are a prerequisite for performing accountancy functions. Around 64% of employers prefer hiring virtual accountants with skills in numeracy although you don’t have to solve mathematical equations. The wise-ranking task of a virtual accountant means that an adaptable working knowledge of mathematics is vital.

Business Acumen:

Wider business goals and issues will help build valuable relationships between the finance department and your clients. One can quickly execute smart business decisions by understanding how to evaluate internal as well as external factors such as market analysis, process management, business strategy, project management, business relations and awareness of regulatory laws.

People Skills:

Virtual accountants work closely with their clients and other departments. They need to provide important resources and information needed by all the departments. This implies that making healthy relationships with everyone is imperative. People skills are thus required - it’s an ability to act as a team player.

Born to lead:

Every accountant aspires to grow in the business. Bringing a leader among the group showcases the ability and inspires others to lead. You also need to have effective communication skills to be able to motivate team players and drive performance.


Hard work pays off. Preparing assessments and compiling experience requires dedication. You need to manage time to work towards a healthy work-life balance.

Accounting software:

All businesses run on automation. The accounting process concentrates on data mining, interpreting complex models, etc. A software-based accounting offers more accurate and efficient financial record keeping. Hence, there is an increase in demand for virtual accountants.

So, here are a few skills that are required to become a Virtual Accountant:

Great Data Entry Skills:

For virtual bookkeeping you need to have computer skills. Keeping up with the technology to communicate with your clients and able to add data in an accurate and timely manner.

Good Communication:

As like a virtual accountant, a virtual bookkeeper is also required to have good communication skills to be able to assess their team members and clients. Being able to communicate will make your job easier. Whether it’s a phone, email or face to face communication, being able to deliver is vital.

Knowledge of bookkeeping principles:

It goes without saying for virtual bookkeeping you need to have qualifications, training, and knowledge in that subject. Understanding numbers, accountancy is a big part of your role.

Organizing Records:

If you are the type of person that organizes files in order, then you are perfect for a virtual bookkeeper. Organizing and maintaining financial records is an essential part of being a bookkeeper.

Attention to detail:

You are required to be accurate. You need to scrutinize every project in detail and no mistakes are forgiven. Paying attention to details not just helps inaccuracy but also means less issues and hassles.

Be committed:

Showing you’re committed to your work is one thing but showing committed to a company is an essential skill. You need to show you are committed to showing the best. Showing dedication towards business improves work ethics and the relationship between the company and you.

So, work on your skills in-house or outsource accounting.

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