There is no secret, that appearance plays an important role in people life. The average life span is gradually increased, and there is quite a natural desire to save face and body not only in good physical, but also in more beautiful form. Every human wants to look younger than he or she is, to slow the skin aging process and get rid of wrinkles.

Unfortunately, skin aging and wrinkle appearance, and indeed the whole body – irreversible process. For someone it is sooner, for somebody later, but to avoid that it could not be anyone else. So is arranged our nature. And sadly, but sooner or later we find ourselves in these very early signs of aging – wrinkles on the face.

In this article we look at the main causes of aging skin and causes of wrinkles. Because it all helps to understand how to fight with aging process and how to look your best at any age. (For more information visit

Factors affecting the aging skin and wrinkles can be divided into two groups – internal and external. Further in this article, these groups will be considered in detail.

Internal aging skin develops because of the accumulation of harmful substances in the cells, a growing number of “failures”, and mutations in genes due to reduced regenerative capacity of the skin. In this case, the horny layer of the skin (epidermis) thickens and all the other layers of the skin become thinner vice versa. Also, the internal causes of wrinkles include reducing the moisture content and a decrease in the number of blood vessels on the face, as well as lower levels of collagen and elastin. TO fight with internal aging of the skin is hard – but possible. To date in the fight against wrinkles, which are the result of intrinsic aging skin, helps scientists researches in deciphering the DNA code. Thereby, to look younger is to pay attention to the preparations for the care of the face where the manufacturer uses the latest developments in DNA decryption.

The external causes of aging skin, appearance of defects in the skin and the appearance of wrinkles include the following factors: the mechanical irritants (dust, dirt, exhaust fumes), ultraviolet radiation (hot sun and increase the ozone hole), fluctuations in climate (temperature differences), stress.

Mechanical irritants contaminate pores on the face, and lead to inflammation. Also suffers from toxins connective tissue, so the skin loses its elasticity and ability to withstand external shocks. As a result, our skin looks older and more wrinkles on it.

Long UVA rays do not burn the skin, but they destroy the elastin and collagen fibers. Consequently, are forming wrinkles or creases. Short UVB rays trapped epidermal cells, cause redness and burning, resulting in damage to the blood vessels of the skin and circulatory disorders.

Significant external factor of aging – prolonged stress. This happens because of the constant stresses that cause spasms of the facial muscles. The stress hormone adrenaline constricts blood vessels, and this adversely affects the blood supply to the tissues. The elastic fibers stretch more, it impairs their tires and extensibility. In the case of long-term stress, the skin is not to get oxygen and nutrition. Another stress hormone cortisone stops cell division, as well as the formation of collagen fibers.

As a result of all the above described reasons for facial skin aging and wrinkles forming, women wanting to look younger, looking for ways to fight wrinkles.

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