When it comes to skin and skincare regimen, ‘one size does not fit all’ theory does not work well here. It is because no two skin types are similar. This simply means that the same treatment for one skin type cannot suit others. Precisely, this is one of the reasons why you should consult with a professional to get the custom-made skincare tips of your skin type. However, you must ask several questions to them for the right solutions.

But do not know what questions you should ask them? Do not worry as we have listed the 6 most basic yet crucial questions you must ask your dermatologist for the love of ‘flawless’ skin. So, have a close look at the following:

Question 1: What is the type of my skin?
If you are visiting the skin clinic for the very first time to see a dermatologist and discuss the issues you are facing, then it is one of the most basic but essential questions to ask them. However, a good dermatologist locates your skin type before anything. Still, it is good to ask them about the same. Once they determine the skin type you have, they will prescribe specific products to ensure spot-free and younger-looking skin.

Question 2: What my skin is most affected by – weather, hormones, diet, or deficiencies? What I can do to reduce those effects?
You should understand that the factors that harm your skin are too many but finding out which one is affecting your skin the most will greatly help you. Whether you are facing skin problems centered on acne, scars, or sunspots, getting the right and focused diagnosis is mandatory. But treatment can only be suggested by your dermatologist when they know the root cause of the problem.

Question 3: What diet is appropriate for my skin type?
Well! We will not say anything about it but give an example so that you can understand better. For instance, you are suffering from forehead acne and the root causes for the problem are imbalanced diet and dehydration. Likewise, most of the skin issues can also be treated with a ‘little’ tweak in your existing diet plan. Therefore, all you need is advice from a professional on what suits you and what not!

Question 4: How does my skin will react to the sun? What level of SPF should I use?
It is another essential question that you must ask your dermatologist of the skin clinic. It is quite obvious that different skin types react in a different way to the sun. Additionally, the amount of direct sun exposure can lead to sunspots and several other skin issues. When you know the possible reactions and the SPF level you need to use, you can prevent your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Question 5: Does my skin type need any sort of supplements or additional nutrients?
See, some of our skin issues are nothing but food-driven and can easily be treated by consuming a certain type of nutrients or supplements. For instance, some foods can shoot up the sugar level in your body. As a result, your insulin level can also go up which ultimately leads your skin to clogged pores and acne. In contrast, foods such as berries are full of fiber and oxidants needed for clear skin. These types of foods also have elements essential to regulate the production of insulin. Your dermatologist will tell you about this after determining the skin type and problem you have. Once you know about the nutrients, supplements, etc. you need for your skin, you can keep skin issues at bay.

Question 6: What are the best ways to create an effective skincare routine for my precise needs?
Consulting a dermatologist to know about the diet, products, and lifestyle changes required for flawless skin is always a smart idea. This way you will get your dermatologist to personalize your skin care regimen that will work best for your skin.

Visiting the best skin clinic in Noida and consulting a professional is a good idea if you want to get smoother, younger-looking, soft, and spot-free healthy skin. So, schedule your visit today and ask the questions listed in this post.

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