Having trouble finding a skin care system that's the love of your life? Don not worry. Cosmetics true love does exist. It is not just a myth. While there are plenty of great products out there, such as Dermalogica products, what is important is finding the right combination that suits you perfectly. You are a unique individual, and your skin is the largest organ you have. Treat it right, and find the perfect combination of beauty products for your unique conditioning and skin sensitivities.

The first step in choosing the right skin care system is to avoid products that contain harmful ingredients. You would be surprised how many beauty products contain ingredients that can be damaging or irritating to your skin. You may have allergies that can cause your skin to have bad reactions to the products, or the cosmetics themselves may contain harmful synthetics. Like food, always read the ingredients of your beauty products. Essentially, the cosmetics in your skin care system are what you feed your skin. You want beauty items and products that contain nutrition for your skin, not poison.

It is also best to avoid any products that contain liquid paraffin, petrolatum or paraffin wax. These ingredients may moisten the skin, but they do so by adding a synthetic covering that actually harms your skin. You are basically using gasoline products on your skin, that same gunk dredged up from the earth so SUVs can get 15 miles per gallon. Avoid any skin care system product that contains these harmful, synthetic oils.

In the end, natural is better. For example, Dermalogica products have a complete organic, natural line so you know that the stuff you're putting on your body is good for you. These products generally contain natural botanicals that are good for your skin, products that have been used for centuries. They help your skin maintain its rejuvenation so you look younger and healthier.

It is best to include products that contain CynergyTK and CoenzymeQ10 in your skin care system. These ingredients work to naturally encourage your skin's production of collagen, which reduces wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging.

Consider the agents of your skin care system carefully. Natural products are a great beginning, and it's best to use a variety of products to really optimize their impact. Look beautiful and younger by taking care of your skin today. Start young, and grow younger. It is the perfect skin care plan for a healthy and beautiful complexion.

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Roger Arden has a passion for skin care and stays up on all the latest skin care systems like the full line of Dermalogica products.