Acne (acne vulgaris) is actually a skin disorder due to inhibition of sebaceous gland canal. All of our skin consists of tens of thousands of sebaceous glands. Most of these glands create oil that is used to moisturize then protect skin. Sebum produced by sebaceous glands distributed throughout hair follicles (skin pores) to the skin surface. Acne occurs in cases where sebum the normally show up to the skin surface is disturbed. Facial skin has a high density of sebaceous glands, mostly in the nostril, forehead and cheeks. Sebaceous glands most of these are currently in the middle within chest and back. As a result, acne most often seems on the face area, chest and back.

The main factors that create acne is hormonal conditions, trigger foods, stress and lack of overall cleanness of the skin which causes excessive sebum creation, follicle inhibition, infection and colonization of bacteria Propionibacterium acne and inflammation (inflammation).

One other factor is due to improper making use of cosmetics.
Skin disorder that many times results in is:
1. Acne.
For a long time using cosmetics, can cause skin pores become blocked and inflamed. As well as in the end there was a pimple. Some kinds of cosmetics that typically can cause acne are Foundation (cream powder foundation), cream the night.

2. Contact Dermatitis irritants
Skin condition of each person is diverse, so probably just in some individuals a secure cosmetic use, while for others these cosmetics could cause skin to being irritated, red, and hot. Certain products that often induce irritant contact dermatitis include things like: bleaching creams, facial cleansers, Cat hair, and hair spray.

3. Allergic Contact Dermatitis
Almost like irritant contact dermatitis. In this condition, usually shows up because of allergic reactions arising quickly compared to irritant contact dermatitis and intense itching and also heat arising from more intense.
Some products that many times cause allergic contact dermatitis include perfume, hair spray, hair paint, and sunscreen.

4. Melesma

Brownish spots arise which are hard loss because of defects of pigmentation as soon as the utilization of certain cosmetics. Items are often caused malesma-whitening products, especially those having hydroquinone

5. Hypo pigmentation
The occurrence of differences in skin color which briefly looked like because the fungus. Items often cause hypo pigmentation is: whitening products, especially those using the hydroquinone.

Tips on how to remove acne
Here are tips that can help get rid of acne:

1. Never push / solve acne
Most of the people want to squeeze pimples by yourself or solved. But this method factually can make your skin irritation. If you have skin irritation, usually even trigger acne to appear. In addition, with the squeeze pimples, usually causes a scar on your face.

2. Use a gentle skin care
Usually do not rub your skin too hard. The application of rough cloth or abrasive cleansers can irritate skin and then cause acne.

3. Always clean the face before applying acne medication
Use acne medication after you wash your face. In case your acne medications make your skin irritation, immediately stopped utilizing the drug. That's a sign your skin does not fit with the drug and can cause skin irritation and acne.

4. Clean the face after sweating
Particularly if you most likely are actively exercising, make sure to wash your face after sweating. Often when sweat while wearing a hat or helmet, often can cause acne.

5. If oily hair, wash hair every day
If your oily hair, wash your hair every day. It is recommended to rinse your skin. Oil from a hair can clog pores and cause acne.

If they still do not help to reduce your acne, try to call a medical expert.

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