Skin hydration home remedies help the skin to get hydrated naturally. The hydration of skin is an important factor for the people who suffer from the dehydration of skin. Moreover, the dehydrated skin simply means that the oil glands in the skin are not producing the sufficient amount of oils. Mostly every person has to deal with this problem at least once in his life. Also, this problem may worsen with the age. Moreover, the skin dehydration is a crippling enemy of a healthy skin. The hydration home remedies can help skin to produce sufficient oil so that it could remain healthy forever.

But, before moving towards skin hydration home remedies, it is important to understand about natural skin miniaturization. It is well known that fluids makes up the seventy percent of the body, and the fluid reaches between cells with the help of blood. The fluids penetrate the capillaries and circulate amongst cells, and provide necessary nutrients and water vital to the cellular functions. The skin hydration home remedies helps to circulate necessary nutrients and eliminates the wastes. In addition, alone water is unable to hydrate the skin, the main reservoir for skin hydration is in the two layers known as dermis and hypodermis. Moreover, these two layers are hydrated by a certain hormone which is secreted by pituitary glands. Also, the hydrophilic fat mixes with water from atmosphere.

Also, it mixes with the hormones secreted by sudoriferous glands, and forms a hydro-lipid film. This film keeps the skin healthy and flexible. The skin hydration home remedies helps in the formation of the hydro-lipid film to keep skin young and healthy.

There are many causes for dehydrated skin. Firstly, poor cleansing, any cleanser that keeps the skin partially cleaned dehydrates it. Also, the alkaline reaction of soaps on skin strips the hydro-lipid film, and dehydrates it. Secondly, the skin may get damaged by usage of harsh skin treatments, for instance hydrogen peroxide used for acne dehydrates the skin. The skin hydration home remedies can heal the damaged skin. Thirdly, faulty habits may lead to dehydration of skin, for example insufficient intake of fluids, using harsh beauty products and smoking. Others include medication and illness, inadequate moisturizers, climate, air conditioning, regular usage of scrubs, and diet. The hydration home remedies can effectively treat the dehydration caused by any of the mentioned reasons.

1. Blend five peanuts and add milk to form a thick paste. Also, add one-fourth teaspoon of honey, and apply it on the dehydrated skin. Let the paste to get dried, and wash with cold water.

2. This remedy is quite greasy but inexpensive and effective. Apply vegetable oil on the dehydrated skin, for example sunflower oil, Crisco or peanut oil.

3. Use petroleum jelly to hydrate the skin.

4. Add two cups of finely powdered oatmeal into a tub of lukewarm water. Soak yourself in the tub for 40 minutes.

5. In case of skin dehydration in the winter time, the best remedy is to use humidifier.

6. Prepare a mixture of one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of egg yolk and two teaspoons of powdered milk. Apply this mixture on the dehydrated skin.

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