There are several amazing naturally-grown products which are available for treating human issues and conditions. You might have tried different market-made items to treat your skin & hair, but are they really that much effective? This question has haunted a lot of people and drifted them away to seek products which are prepared using natural ingredients, that too at home!

Rice powder or rice flour is been utilized since centuries to enhance human beauty and is successfully being practiced among Asian women. It is known to contain anti-ageing as well as oil-absorbing characteristics, which make it a suitable product to treat dull & mature skin. Apart from this, there are several other striking advantages which makes powdered rice a useful constituent to pamper your skin in the most proficient manner.

Protection from UV Rays

Interestingly, rice comprises of several sun-protecting mediators such as allantoin and ferulic acid, which transforms it into an excellent natural sunscreen. Furthermore, as a decent anti-inflammatory agent, you can trust rice powder to relax sunburns and further protect your skin from tanning.

Usage Tips:

Firstly, you need to mix cold milk and rice powder to create a thick paste. The next step is to gently apply it on your face. Wait for a maximum of 15 minutes and later rinse your face with cold water. If you follow the procedure for a week, results would surely be visible as your skin starts to turn lighter.

Fairer Underarms

People who use too much talcum powder near the underarms, there are chances of gradual skin darkening in that particular area. In order to treat this issue, you can use a natural remedy in the form of rice powder. How? Once you come out of the shower, make sure you dust a certain quantity of rice powder close to your underarms. This method avoids underarm sweating as well controls odour, which can be quite distressing at times.

Dark Circle Treatment

Rice powder can be counted as one of the suitable ways to tackle those dark-eyed areas, primarily due to an uncertain sleep cycle. This natural remedy offers a cooling effect to cure your exhausted appearance.

Usage Tips:

Make sure of banana, rice flour and castor oil to prepare a thick paste. Use this eye mask daily for a week to see significant results.

Fair Skin Shade with Rice Powder

The rice flour market at present is growing due to its effective usage for home-made remedy. Mixing of rice flour with lemon juice and turmeric acts as a superior fairness face mask. Its cleansing properties help in purifying skin texture and removes excessive oil to present a healthier and clearer appearance. Since, lemon juice and turmeric both are accepted skin whiteners, this face mask would help in making your skin fairer.

Face Powder

You can use rice powder as a good alternative for your costly face powder. Since, rice particles comprise of oil-absorbing traits, it can be used as an excellent face powder. The best part is that, the powder easily merges with the skin and works to cover pores which secrete oil.

Usage Tips:

Add cornstarch and rice powder in 1:2 ratio. Once the content is mixed, apply the powdered content on your face with the help of a makeup brush. Ladies can also use this content for making their makeup remain intact for a longer time.

Proper Exfoliating Agent

Since rice flour stays a bit coarse in terms of its texture, it works as an apt material to be utilized as a scrub. Your flaky dead skin can be easily treated with the rice powder particles. Moreover, rice absorbs almost all of the sebum and makes your skin appear clean and re-energized.

Pimples & Wrinkle Treatment

Powdered rice is equally good to handle blemishes, pimples and fine lines which are evident signs of ageing. People do use rice powder that helps in retaining skin elasticity and firmness, eventually making you look young and fresh. Add a single teaspoonful of rice flour with cucumber juice or lemon juice. Form a mild past and apply it on your face.

There are other advantageous tricks which can be done using rice flour to indulge your skin. Try to seek more home-made methods which can prove quite beneficial in the long run.


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