Have you noticed how every girl on a magazine cover has perfect skin? Is it real and how do they get that lucky? Well, actually its all just fake and every magazine photo these days are getting the airbrush treatment where every last fleck of skin imperfection gets brushed out of the model. Models look like they have perfect skin while they really don't. The problem then is that we see that and immediately feel that we don't measure up. Moles, freckles and skin tags are common skin imperfections and well have it to some degree.

Obviously airbrushed magazine photos don't reflect that and this is often the reason why so many of us suffer from low self esteem. You can argue that being beautiful and attractive is a universal goal that we all aspire to. When we don't feel beautiful is can affect our self esteem in many different ways.

The good news is that if skin imperfections really bother you, you can do something about it. With numerous new technologies you can get rid of skin tags, moles and even freckles without scarring. What airbrushing is doing to photographs, laser technology is doing for real skin. The ideal of perfect skin is not that far fetched anymore.

Skin tags and moles is often a source of great embarrassment - especially for young women. It really can make you self conscious and for those who are severely effected by it can even dictate their wardrobe.

Although most skin imperfections carry very little health risks, removing them is always an option - even if its just cosmetic. However, if its purely a cosmetic procedure no medical insurance will pay for it which is why so many people are starting to look towards non surgical solutions. Not only are they much cheaper, but they tend to be a lot less harsh to the skin.

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