Have you ever considered installing a skylight? Placing a skylight has a lot of advantages. Ventilation is possible and you have more light at home that is free of cost. Another great benefit of skylights is it makes the space appear much larger. Here you will find more information about how you can replace, install different types of roof windows yourself. Would you rather not do the replacement or installation yourself? There are companies who offer services for you. You apply via the inquiry form free of charge and without obligation you get multiple quotes. You then compare the quotes with each other and choose the professional with the best conditions and the lowest price.

Types of skylights
There are different types of skylights with all a different function. The best part is, today we have different types of skylights to determine what is the most suitable type for you and the structure of your house. With a skylight you can change an attic into a suitable bedroom or office. You can make a dark attic suitable as an extra room. Moreover, a skylight can be an extra escape route. But through a skylight you can also put the drain hose of your clothes dryer outside. Online you can find skylights in various sizes. You can also have your roof window installed by roofing service providers.

Skylight, pivot window and attic window
With a skylight you can easily create extra daylight in a room. In addition to the ideal daylight, an attic window also offers optimum options for properly ventilating your home. Most people know a simple skylight as an attic window. The most commonly used tumbler window is a Velux window.

Install the skylight
In this job idea you read what types of skylights there are and with which controls, you determine the size and position of the skylight and you find inspiration for window decoration and sun protection for skylights. Would you rather have your skylight installed? Then the you should ask experts to take care of this for you.

Different skylight sizes
Now you know installing skylights have a lot of benefits and definitely you're going to install it very soon, but do you already know what size skylight you need, or what exactly you want? Then you can easily choose your roof or tumbler window from Velux, Fenstro or Rooflite with us. You can also always go to your nearest hardware store for advice.

Toggled Window
A well-known species is the toggle window. A toggle window has a control handle with which you can easily open or toggle the window. The handle is over the entire width at the top of the window. A toggle window can rotate 180 degrees around its axis. This makes it easy to clean the outside of the window.

Electric Window
An electric roof window is also an option. An electric roof window opens and closes with a remote control. An electric window automatically closes thanks to a rain sensor.

Fixed Window
In addition, choosing a fixed attic window is an option. You cannot open a fixed window. For extra light it is possible to place a fixed skylight under a standard skylight.

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