Pre-made fans, as the name applies, it is produced by lash extension supplier in advance and delivered to the artist as ready-to-apply product. The process of creating pre-made fans is similar to strip lashes. Pre-made lashed come as either heat bonded or glued with adhesives.

Pre made fan lashes are used for those new to volume and who can’t sit to create volume taking 2-3 hours to the technician. Well, there is a lot of discussion till date about pre-made fans for a number of good reasons. There are two types of premade fan lashes are used, i.e., glue-bonded and heat-bonded. Whereas glue-bonded is a fan held together using adhesives, heat bonded fan lashes are sealed together at the bottom using the heat.

What is glue bonded fan lashes?

To hold the fans together, adhesives are used that creates the unnecessary weight to the natural lashes. However, a lot of experts recommend not to use the glued one, as the technicians may need to use extra adhesives to the fan that later may create the chunk.

Heat-bonded pre-made fans:

The heat-bonded are the safe ones compared to the glued fans. With the special heating method, manufacturers keep the lashes fan-shaped without the use of any adhesives. So, you will no more feel heavier while applying fake lashes over the original ones. With the heat-bonded type, the lash artist can add the depth, length, drama and curl without using a lot of adhesives.

Easy application:

Pre-made fans are easy to remove from the tray and they proved to ensure better retention with respect to individual lashes while being applied using glue. As a result, you may end up with plucking it with tweezers.

How pre-made fans are winning the hearts than the handmade ones:

A number of lash stylists spend thousands of dollars to perfect the technique to voluminising the fans by hand. However, pre-made lashes do not replace the elegance of hand-made fans, rather the beginners can find an excellent way to bridge the gap between classic and handmade volume.

You will save time with the pre-made ones:

Premade fans save a great amount of time while crafting a unique look using the fans. This is all because of the pre-made set takes the same time as the classic lashes take. So, f you’re running late, you can add volume to your lashes with both the pre-made and hand-made ones.

Safe to apply:

It’s not that applying pre-made extension will damage your natural lashes. It all depends on how technicians are extending and poor isolation. Whatever lash extension you opt for, the health of your natural lashes is the primary requirement for good looking and voluminous lashes.

So, whatever the option you choose, take time to perfect your lashes with proper technique and good adhesive control that come along with the eyelash extension supplies in Australia. However, before you jump into extension, know the fact that you will be no longer able to curl or tug your lashes and you won’t even feel the need to apply mascara. This could be a healthy break for your lashes and let them remain strong.

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The author is involved in Eyelash Extension Supplies in Australia and writes blogs and article that educate lash technicians about pre made fans.