Sleeping Over Ex Boyfriend's House: Staying At Ex Boyfriend's House

You're thinking about having sex with your ex boyfriend because you believe it's the best way to get him back. Simply put, you're wrong! When a woman is still in love with her ex one of the worst things she can do is sleep with him to win him back. If you do this you're sending a very specific message to your ex and it's not a flattering one for you.

You may not consider that having sex with your ex boyfriend is a way to set a new dynamic between the two of you. Since we, as women, often associate love making with feelings of actual love, we assume our men do the same. They don't. If you have sex with your ex after you two have broken up you're silently suggesting to him that being his occasional and casual lover is fine with you.

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One problem that many women face once they do take the plunge and sleep with their ex is that he never treats them quite the way they want. There are no invitations to stay the night and he never calls just to see how you are. Going out on dates is unheard of and if you suggest it, he'll look at you dumfounded. Every time you do hear from him it's because he's desirous and wants you to rush over.

Another very sad event that often occurs when a woman decides to have sex with her ex is he'll meet someone new and dump her again. Actually, in his mind it's not dumping at all. She was merely his intimacy partner and he didn't associate that with a relationship at all. Since he met someone he hopes will become his girlfriend, he has to stop the sexual meetings with his ex because he wants to devote himself to his new woman completely.

If you truly want a future with your ex, do not sleep with him. I repeat, "Don't sleep with your ex boyfriend!" Instead, forge ahead with a new platonic friendship. Keep intimacy out of the equation for now and work on developing a new bond with him. If you can show him, without sex, that there's still a strong connection between the two of you, he'll feel closer to you emotionally again. That's the foundation you want to build your renewed relationship on.

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Your boyfriend just broke up with you. You are sleeping with tears on your pillow. You haven't gone out in days because of mourning. You are not eating well and you keep on calling your boyfriend. You wanted him badly but what are you supposed to do? Here are five tips that you need to know on getting your ex-boyfriend back.

First, you need to stop crying. Your world would not end just because he left you. It is alright to cry for pain over your loss but you have to stop it at a certain period of time. Crying for weeks is not normal anymore. You have to compose yourself up. You have to hold on to your emotions and think of the days when you met each other. He loved you before because there was something good in you that he found it. What you have to do is to remember what made him feel attracted to you and be that way. He'll realize that it's not worth leaving you.

The second tip that you have to know is that you have to realize that your relationship is already over. Stop calling and texting your ex-boyfriend. Stop telling him that you would not be able to live without him. Just stop communicating with your ex-boyfriend. This will be for the better. Stop reminiscing about the past. You have to let go of it and what you have to do is to think about the future.
Third, think of problems that you had with him. You can think of your mistakes and the reason why the two of you broke up. Realize the mistakes in the past and learn from them. You can try to think of solutions but don't tell it to him immediately. You can improve yourself and change the way you acted before as long as it's for the better.

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The fourth tip that you have to remember is that you have to be yourself. Do the things you were doing when he was not yet a part of your life. Go out with your friends. Make new friends. You can enjoy, relax, watch movies, play sports or do anything that would make you feel comfortable. Do something for yourself. Dress casually but beautifully. If you bump at your ex-boyfriend in the mall, give him a casual hello then move on. Moments like this would make him curious on what's going on with you and he'll start approaching you.

Lastly, don't spread rumors about your ex-boyfriend. If you really wanted him back, don't tell your friends gossips about your ex-boyfriend. Even if you're not together anymore, don't share the secrets only the two of you know. Once he knows about this, it would be more difficult for him to get back. You should not threaten him. Stop telling him that your circle of friends is going to go into his house to kick his butt. Stop that. It would just make things worse.

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There are reasons why you and your boyfriend broke up. More often than not it is because of trivial things that your relationship ended. The thing is though these little things that irritate build up over time and become huge problems unless they are dealt with immediately. If you want to get him back, then you must fix any problems that you caused during your time with him.

There is no point in trying to talk to your ex now - it is too soon after the break up and you will only end up having yet another fight. Just leave your ex alone for now - he needs time to lick his wounds and get over the break up as well.

Sit quietly and think about your relationship with your ex. Think about the times when he complained to you about something - there were probably many. Write down all the things that were annoying to him. This doesn't only mean the big things - small problems can be just as irritating. If you want to get him back then you have to try to fix ALL your problems.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Think about each problem one by one and exactly what you're going to do to solve that problem and how you are going to prevent them from happening again. While you're about it, have a good look at yourself as well - there might have been things about you that began to irritate your ex. Cover ALL your problems and mistakes if you want a good chance to get him back.

When you are quite satisfied that you have thought of everything and figured out ways to stop doing all these things, send your ex a message saying that you would like to talk to him. If he is reluctant, then tell him that you would like to let him know what you have been doing to solve the problems you caused in your relationship.

If you are sincere and can convince your ex that you are more than willing to stop doing the things that were making him unhappy, there is a very good chance that you will get him back. At least now he will know that you were not ignoring him when he complained to you all those times.

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When you breakup you realize the importance of the guy and then you feel sorry for all that happened. What could have been resolved spiraled out of control and resulted in him walking away. Well, if this is your story then take heart nearly two thirds of all breakups eventually lead to a patch up. Here are some remarkable tips that will help you.

Answer the question why

Even before you try to get your boyfriend back you need to answer the question why you want him back. Is it because you felt slighted and want him back so that your ego is satisfied or do you want him because you realize you have deeper feelings. If the latter is true then you should go all out and try to get him back.

Talk calmly

The first step is to get him back on speaking terms. He will not be very forthcoming but you have to remain calm and talk to him. If he decides to vent his anger and frustration then let him do that. However, don't get into a shouting match as that will be the end of your endeavor.

Take your share of the blame

To soothe his ego take your share of the blame but do hint that he too played a part in the breakup. The moment you own up to your share he will probably cool down. This should break the ice and you get back on talking terms with once again.

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Earn his trust

He has to begin trusting you once again and for that you will have to show that you are really sincere in winning him back. Don't make half hearted attempts and don't discuss the developments with your friends. No one should know that you are trying to patch up except you and him.

Stop flirting with other guys

To further increase his trust you will have to stop flirting and fooling around with the guys in your office/school/neighborhood. You have to prove a point that you are smitten by him alone and others don't matter to you.

Spend more time with him

Keep meeting him on and off and start rebuilding the rapport you once had with him. This process will take time and you have to be patient. As you get closer to him he will begin to loosen up and will no longer feel awkward in your presence.

Make him feel special

When he begins to count you amongst his close friends slowly ratchet up your status by flirting and getting a little physical with him. Dress up for him and meet him when he is alone. Slowly he will lose his inhibitions and will begin to consider you his girlfriend once again.

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