Sliding glass doors are a common design solution in modern apartments and houses. They provide access to the balcony or patio. Such structures let in a lot of light into the room and open the view for prying eyes. That is why glass doors often need to be dressed as large windows as well.

To protect the premises from the sun and unwanted gazes, designers suggest choosing blinds or curtains in DubaiVertical Blinds for Sliding Doors
Vertical blinds make the interior look sophisticated. Their main advantage is that they can be completely drawn together at one side. Since the slats of vertical blinds are produced in a variety of materials, you have many options to choose from:
● vinyl,
● fabric,
● artificial wood,
● aluminum, etc.
The vinyl blinds are the cheapest ones and are available in a wide variety of colors. Wooden structures add an element of luxury to the interior, and they cost significantly more.

Sliding Doors with Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds for sliding doors are not a good option due to the inconvenience of their joint usage. To open the door, you always have to lift the slats first. Also, the cords can get in the passage and fall into the doorway, which is annoying. At the same time, horizontal blinds are cheaper than vertical ones and are more convenient for accessing sunlight inside the room.

Panel Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors in Dubai

Drapes and curtains are a popular dressing for sliding doors, as they are very convenient, look nice and cozy, while performing all necessary functions. There is a wide choice of colors and fabrics for window treatment, so it will be easy as pie to select the right curtains for your interior.

Curtains can be designed in any style and fit any room. You can purchase a ready-made product or order made-to-measure curtains at Atlantis Curtains — the leading supplier of window treatment in Dubai.

Once you decide to make a renovation in your premises, sometimes it will be enough just to replace the old curtains with new ones without much hassle.

Consider the information provided above and choose the best dressing for your panoramic windows or sliding doors.

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