In modern era sliding doors are emerging as a flavor of the architecture and interior of the houses and offices. The smooth movement of the doors create a seamless view and saves the space. Sliding doors ensure an easy access to natural light and add an aesthetic value to the place. The benefits of sliding doors can’t be achieved without the quality sliding door hardware as safety is always a concern. Investing in sliding doors can be proved as a great deal by using quality toughened glass and high quality sliding door hardware. Ozone Hardware fulfills the requirements of sliding door hardware by offering a wide range of sliding doors. Sliding door scan be used for multiple purposes of commercial places as well as residential.

When it comes to maintenance of the bathroom, frame less shower sliding doors help in separation of the bathroom into a dry and wet area. Shower cubicle gives an elegant and modern look to bathrooms. Sliding doors in a shower room is a smart way to make bathrooms beautiful and more attractive in less space. For a safe, secure and reliable shower cubicle with sliding doors, it is important to use high quality shower glass hardware system which enables glass door fittings strong and long life. Ozone Hardware offers Edge Line sliding system which is a self-supporting sliding system for in line and 90°doors. Ozone deals in high quality shower door hinge for glass door fittings.

Installing Shower Sliding Doors

Step1: For installation of glass shower doors measure the size of the door with the help of a measuring tape.

Step2: Measure the height and width of the shower glass room where the sliding doors will be fit and note down somewhere.

Step3: Choose Edge Line sliding system offered by Ozone Hardware and shower glass doors. Recommended and especially designed for installation shower cubicles, this system supports the track on the fixed glass itself. This system covers Connector Track, Floor Guide Shower Threshold, Stopper, Track to Glass Holder, and Track to Glass Holder for 90° Application, Sliding Door Roller Set.

Measure the height and width of the tracks.

Now, cut the tracks according to the measurement of the door.

Step4: After finishing with cutting tracks, fit them in shower glass walls. Fit the top track of glass shower door by using a drill to screw track into place. After fixing the top track fix the bottom track as same in the opening of the shower cubicle.

Step5: Place the first door starting from top track. For placing the door first, fit the wheels into both top and bottom tracks.

Step6: Place the second door into forward-facing runners of the tracks.

These are the basic steps for installing shower sliding doors. Regulate the doors according to the requirement and follow the instruction manual carefully while installing sliding door system.

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