A Sloped Landing Airbag (SLA) is designed to prevent passengers from the back of a plane from becoming entangled in cargo nets and other oversize items. It is also used on aircraft that operate in extremely cold climates. It reduces the risk of the back of a plane hitting the plane's landing gear, while a gear-up landing is being made.

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Sloped landing airbags come in two types: an inflatable bag and a hard-sided plastic bag. The Airbag inflates upon impact with the ground. The soft padding of the bag expands to fill the gap. This creates a cushion between the airbag and the ground.

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Inflatable bags are far more durable than their hard-sided counterparts. The hard-sided bags wear out after only a few hours of use. The bag can then be deflated. This is quite a hassle to deflate. A soft bag requires no deflating.

Airbags are designed to absorb the shock of a landing. This protects passengers from sudden changes in the flight's velocity or forces of acceleration.

Airbags provide greater protection for passengers when compared to hard sided bags. The Airbag's soft padding provides the passengers with extra comfort during a difficult landing.

Sloped landing airbags can be used on both commercial and private planes. They can be affixed to the tail of a plane. To install an Airbag, simply stick it onto the rear landing gear of the plane and roll the gear down.

When installing an Airbag, airbags can be affixed to the rear of the plane in three places. These locations are the top of the tail, where the wheel mounting bolts are located, as well as at the rear of the gearbox.
Sloped landing airbags are beneficial for long flights because they provide extra cushioning. Also, airbags work great for gyrocopters which has a sudden dive landing.

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