Starting a business that is deemed to be environmentally friendly is a big call for people nowadays and one that receives a lot of attention both in terms of support by state and government authorities as well as by consumers. A so-called green business may literally be a business that is in the work of the environment or doing something that will help the environment. It may also be any type of business where consumers or users of the product of the business want to know that the owners are doing all they can to be eco-friendly or green friendly.

One of the most important things to do is to discover your niche find out yourself what really appeals to you and then to develop a business or product that fits into that niche. Once the initial enthusiasm for setting up and running your own business has died down a little, then what needs to kick in is your enthusiasm or excitement about the product itself. This will only really happen if you have decided upon a niche that is really relevant to you and which really excites you. It is worth spending time on this side of the business development at the outset and use the idea of what excites you as a motivator rather than what you think is going to be the most profitable area of business to go into.

One of the most important things about being an eco-friendly or green business is to have lots of certificates from people saying you are green friendly or eco-friendly. Luckily there are a number of bodies in every country and internationally that are happy to certify you assuming you meet their requirements.The importance of this is you need to know what their requirements are before you develop the business so that you can adjust the way the business is run accordingly in order to make sure it meets their requirements and you get certified accordingly.

The area of categories of certification cover the following ground. Products can easily be certified and the most obvious example of these are products are certified as organic or not. There are a number of bodies that constitute organic certification and choosing which one is most appropriate to you will determine how your product is sourced and marketed. Buildings are often certified as being green or not and this will to an extent be determined by how they are built but also how they are run in terms of fuel efficiency i.e. solar panels, electricity, carbon emission etc.

There are numerous scientific certification systems for agricultural manufacturing and electric businesses. Research what these are and whether they might be appropriate to the product or business or service you're developing. There are a number of energy-efficient products that are certified in the United States by the Energy Star Program. This is a certification program that is widely looked to by consumers as being a factor in determining what product they buy. Knowing what the requirements are of this program will allow you to decide if your product is appropriate or not and if so to apply for such certification.

There are a number of international certifications pack can also be extremely valuable to have. Even if at the outset of your business you are not considering selling overseas there is a high chance that in the future you will want to. Knowing what the certification programs involve and whether your product fits into them will give you an opportunity to adjust your product accordingly to make sure it does. This is important both in terms of overseas exports in the future, but also shows domestic customers that you have a broader range of certification available to which will enhance your own domestic reputation. This should have a healthy impact on sales or use of the product domestically as well as internationally in the future.

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Peter Main is freelance writer who has spent almost twenty years in the insurance industry, working at Lloyd's of London. He writes extensively about small business insurance and in particular about how understanding the various factors that make up the different liabilities that small business's may have to deal with, such as liability insurance