Small business success is something any internet entrepreneur can realistically achieve due to the low financial barriers associated with working online! Building your business into something that can offer you a full-time income however does offer challenges that although not difficult can keep people from success online! Here are 3 things every internet entrepreneur MUST contribute in their business building efforts if they expect to be a success online!


Always remember that things don't happen because you simply tried but more so because you persisted! No where is this more true than when building your business online because this is a process that will take time! Along the way there will be set-backs, disappointments and likely much frustration but it is the internet entrepreneur that perseveres that will eventually succeed! Late nights, missed social gatherings and other 'alterations' in what has previously been your normal living patterns will continue to challenge your resolve! This is where it's important to remember your reasons why you are pursuing this success online and use these reasons as motivation to continue moving forward!


This is so important in terms of branding and sending a message to those you market to of your commitment to the same objective and/or theme. This sends a reassuring message and makes people more comfortable with the stability of who you are or what you offer! Not to be lost here is the importance of a consistency of effort on your part to achieve the goals you have set since nothing occurs overnight thus a sustained and consistent effort will be required! You up to the task?


And speaking of your commitment aside from maintaining a persistent effort are you 'really' committed to what you do? If not you are ultimately 'doomed' to failure since this lack of commitment or belief will eventually undermine your efforts and diffuse your motivation! When this occurs both previous efforts and time invested will be cast away and wasted forever! When building your business you will need this commitment since it will give you the drive needed to see you through the tough and challenging times! You can not possibly expect to simply show up and go through the motions because the results of your efforts will likely lack quality pushing success further!

Small business success is a realistic goal for any internet entrepreneur provided they supply the 3 attributes discussed here today! Although there may not be insurmountable financial or even technical barriers to overcome people must still 'show up' and with a purpose and focus! As easy as that may sound many have come to discover that business success online does not come automatically and does require a sustained effort! This is where many tend to 'wash out' and something that must be seriously considered before you begin building your business. Ask yourself if you have the patience and drive needed to be a success online since if you don't you'll save yourself much time, effort and aggravation!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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