Small businesses have a lot going for them. Their ability to be flexible and change direction is probably one of the greatest advantages of working with just a few people. As soon as committees and meetings between lots of people start to rule the normal day-to-day world then you know any decisions are going to take longer.

Of course, the reason these decisions take such a long time is that so many people have to have their say. Stakeholders in all departments will have their own opinion on what is needed, what is good and what is bad with the direction of the company and each one will have their own skills and experiences to bring to the table.

This also brings benefits, obviously, as large companies usually have a lot more experience within the team and that experience can be a boon to the business overall. Obviously, this is why they were hired - as a business grows it needs to buy in the people it needs to keep growing and when it has new ventures or wants to expand into different markets it may need to bring in specialist skills.

Small business, therefore, is at a disadvantage. A small business obviously needs to grow but in order to do that it needs to find the skills without paying a premium and that can be a problem. Experience costs and a full-time business development manager is an expense that would be well out of reach of the average small business owner - so where can they turn?

Well, it seems there is a whole network of people who are there to help as an interim marketing manager who simply helps out on a part-time basis. Using their skills and experience you can, therefore, afford to take that extra step and move into what was previously an unreachable sector or new direction.

This has the potential of boosting profits for a small business where in the past it has been impossible for them to even attempt to take those steps into any new venture. It also means they can gain the experience in an endeavour that otherwise would have been difficult or just too risky for them to take on.

As these temporary business development managers are working with many different companies, they are also gaining skills and experience themselves and, assuming they are the types to keep developing themselves, they can take this extra experience with them when working with new companies.

So, if you're a small business struggling to get on in the world of business or you're looking to expand into areas that otherwise would be impossible for you to even consider, think about hiring an interim business manager to help you.

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