Advertising over the web, hosting websites and putting up banners on popular sites like and yahoo; has always been an expensive proposition. Earlier only firms with the budget of millions for online advertising could use the internet medium for marketing however this does hold true anymore.

The changing face of the web and great show of ingenuity by major online companies primarily Google, Facebook and Twitter has made it possible for anyone to capitalize the internet for marketing his goods and services.

The very manner in which search engines work has seen many changes in recent years, the chief one being the introduction of local search results. Search engines today show location based results to its users with respect to their individual IP addresses.

So, if you reside in Manhattan, New York and use a search engine to look for a sea food restaurant, the first few results which appear on your screen would be the ones closest to you. This would be true irrespective of whichever city might you be in.

It’s not that these restaurants paid the search engines to get on the top stop of search results, but they only made an effort to register their companies onto the local directories of the search engines.

It’s a free process and no search engine whether Google, yahoo or Bing demand for a payment to register your firm online. The real potential of this new service provided by the search engines is only being realized slowly.

Most people today are tech-savvy enough to use computers and almost everyone is connected to the web through PCs, Smartphone(s) or tablets. Looking for goods and services is much easier when done over the web compared to traditional methods of using phone directories and newspapers.

There are many other local directory websites which people use when searching for business online, such as yelp, hoptfrog and Mojo Pages; registering on these websites is free as well.
All these websites allow you to have your personal page online. You can use this page to provide your potential customers with your contact details, your address and a description of your business. The more profiles you have online, the more surfers would your company attract. Some of the website do much more than simply provide contact details and allow business to upload pictures and videos. So if own a diner and believe you have exceptional décor then don’t hesitate to flaunt it over the web.

Users may leave comments and reviews of your business on such pages. Good reviews generally attract more customers and the bad ones help you better learn what your client or customers are thinking.

Another new possibility for business is to use social media websites like facebook and myspace to advertise. Facebook is largest social media website in the world, and there is no one in America who hasn’t heard of it.

Facebook allows you to have groups and build I-Like pages for those users who are fans of your product or service. These pages allow you to reach out to all your loyal customers and associates instantly. It acts as perfect forum to make announcements and get feedback from your clients.

Even today we are only scratching the surface of the possibilities which the web provides and I can’t even start to imagine the things yet to come, but the one that is clear is that the rabbit hole runs deep and we have only started to unravel its secrets.

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Ajay Prasad is founder of Global Marketing Resources LLC that runs a number of ecommerce websites under its umbrella. Ajay's functional expertise includes website strategy, marketing management, business development, market analysis and strategic planning. SearchLocalHQ is an Orange County Internet Solution company that aims to develop an overall Web Marketing and Local Search Engine Marketing solution for a small local business.