Office supplies are a major expense you have to worry about if you are trying to run a business. But like anything else, if there is a way to save money on it, you need to look into it. This economy has taught us a lot about saving money. If there is a way to save a dollar people are interested because they know what that dollar represents. They no longer look at ten dollars a month as ten dollars a month. They look at it as over one hundred and twenty dollars a year. So if you can save as much as ten or twenty percent on your expenses how much money would you really be saving? That's why you need to take the time to look for the best prices on everything you buy in bulk and that includes toner cartridges.

Look at the numbers: phone service, internet service, office supplies, electric bill, and everything else. If you can cut those bills down by ten percent each year you would save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars a year. That's why you need to look into more options for where you buy products. If you are going to an office supply store to buy toner cartridges you may be wasting your money. First off, there are hundreds of different printers that have different cartridges so there is no guarantee that the store will have the one you need in stock. Second off, keep this in mind, the store is paying the same price as the online store is for that item. However, the online store doesn't have to pay for payroll, rent, and the other major expenses that a store has to. That's a major difference in prices because the online store doesn't have to make as large a profit from the product so they can sell it cheaper.

A Canon ink cartridge may be much cheaper if you buy it online rather than get it from a store. Also you can compare prices from other online stores right from your computer so you can get the best deal possible which may include additional Canon ink cartridges. Saving money is the key to surviving during a recession and every little bit helps. People are always willing to drive across the street to save two cents on gas per gallon but they are never willing to take the time to find the best deals on ink which can be expensive. Hopefully they will start very soon.

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