Almost every company, organization or sport team utilize smart goal setting to achieve their targets and objectives.

Smart Goal SettingPrior to every rugby season I will sit down with the other coaches and all the players, and set goals of what we’d like to achieve individually and collectively during our pre-season, through to mid-season and also obviously end of season.

Setting Goals Is A Must

Goal setting is vital to success

A streamlined approach to goals is more likely to guarantee achievement.

It is in man’s very nature to achieve.

Setting a goal for yourself is one of the best ways to realize your strength and potential.

This can be applied both personally and professionally.

In today’s highly industrialized and modernized world, nearly every single entity you encounter has a set goal.

Each of these individual or group thrives and operates in attaining one goal after the other.

Growth is relative to a man’s vision or desire of how far or high he can go.

The ultimate achievement in man’s life remains to be the grasp of contentment.

Often, it is the elusiveness of contentment, with however much or little you have, that fuels the need to get more, or achieve more.

A lot of studied and evaluated structures that have been formed in the pursuit of attaining goals have been used.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

Goal setting activities are very prominent when aspiring to achieve notable success, but one, that has been highlighted more than most is the use of smart goal setting.

The letters to smart or S.M.A.R.T stand for the five definitions that make up this strategy to achieve goals.


This means that if you make a goal, it should be one that’s easily understood by you and others. It should be clear and zeroed in.

It’s quite easy to reply ‘I plan to lose weight’, when one is asked of a new year’s resolution.

Saying ‘my goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year, is more vivid.

The feasibility of a goal starts with how specific the goal is. This paves the way for a clearer way toward the goal.


This connotes that a goal needs to be quantifiable.

A goal that can be rated gives it visibility and monitoring of progress.

If a goal can’t be measured, it’s most likely to be unrealizable. Saying’ I want to improve as a runner’, is vague and general, saying ‘I’ll try running ten more kilometres in my next run’ is a lot more manageable as a goal.

Having an actual mark to aim for, makes smart goal setting a lot better.


This relates to having the facility to achieve a goal. This may include a certain skill set, knowledge, attitude, or even equipment that will help you reach your goal.

Increasing muscle mass, or getting in a certain body type, will always employ the right gym equipment for the body part that needs work.

A department goal, should also be aligned with the core values and vision of the company as a whole to be deemed attainable.


Decide on a farfetched goal, and you’ve successfully set yourself up for failure. This is where realistic comes in as another important characteristic of a smart goal set.

The achievement of a goal is also dependent on how actual, real and valid it is. To say that you’ll quit on all the unhealthy stuff you’ve been eating now, when you’ve been on that habit for most of your life is too bold for reality.

Saying that you’ll start substituting snacks for fruits, each time you crave is more believable.


Lastly, timely is the characteristic that puts the timeframe in a goal.

Taking note of the start and the end date, by which the goal should be realized, enables you to check on how far or close you are to your goal.

Smart goal setting, is a very effective and reliable means to achieve more and reach your objectives in life, through taking one good step at a time.

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To succeed at anything in life you must know what you want and take continuous action toward achieving it. Setting goals is extremely powerful as it provides you with a map of where you want to go. Start realizing all your life’s dreams and desires through effective and proven smart goal setting.