Smart goal setting begins with having a desire and what's more is that it must be your desire and NOT be that of somebody else! If you intend to be successful achieving your goals then you must first start out on the path to doing so in the right way! For instance if you experience a lack of motivation at any time in your 'pursuits, you've likely chosen the wrong goals!

Let's have a look at the 3 things you'll need to properly establish if you expect to be successful at achieving your goals, whatever they may be!


This vision is actually your desire, and it needs to be both deep and enduring or else you stand little chance of making it a reality! When you envision what it is you want you typically focus more on the end results or the benefits/pleasure you expect to experience! The reason behind why it is you want what you want is important insofar as it is and will be what motivates you to make it happen! This inner drive must be strong and this is why it is so important that your vision or dream is yours and not that of another! Remember it will be YOU investing the time and effort to get where you want to go therefore your desire must run deep! Most important you must be able to 'visualize' your goal since if you are not able to do so you can not plan accordingly!


The planning process is vital and will ultimately be the only way of achieving your goals! Without a plan or an idea how to go about making your dreams come to life you only set yourself up for much frustration! The strategy you develop are the objectives you'll need to reach to get where you want to go! What is it you need to happen or what you need to do that will make achieving your goals possible? Consider this strategy as the outline to more clearly defined the actions that will be required to bring your vision into focus enabling you to make it your reality!


This may be harder for those who are better at 'conceptualizing' but if your vision are truly a passion you'll 'work through' this process which will propel you to realizing your dream! As mentioned above your tactics are the 'specific' measures or actions needed to implement your strategy successfully! Remember your overall strategy is simply your 'outline' whereas the tactics you choose are more specific 'components' that when successfully completed will move you closer to what you want! These are the necessary steps you'll need to take to make your desire your reality! In the end the tactics you use are what pulls it all together for you!

Smart goal setting begins with focusing on something that is your desire to have or achieve and not what somebody else may want for you! With this focus it makes it easier for you to overcome any lack of motivation you may encounter during the process of achieving your goals! Perhaps the most important stage occurs when you first set your target and establish your strategy or plans as we discussed here today! You will find that if your desire is strong enough and armed with proper and realistic plans that achieving your goals will become a foregone conclusion!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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