Watching cooking shows on cable television is oftentimes more about indulging a fantasy than it is about learning how to cook a particular meal. The fantasy isn’t about eating the food either. It is about having access to those amazing kitchens!

Seeing those unbelievably spacious kitchens being flaunted before your very eyes can throw a normally calm person into a jealous fit. “Does that stove actually have ten burners?” “Look at all that counter space!” “Okay, no one on Earth has such a well-organized refrigerator. This is totally unrealistic.” It can all get pretty exhausting.

What many people don’t realize is that they can free up a lot of space in their own kitchen with a few simple organizers. Even the smallest kitchens can seem dramatically larger if you have access to the right storage solutions.

Here are a few organization ideas for busy moms (or dads!) who are in the kitchen a lot and could really use the extra space.

Spice Stack

Every cook knows how much of a mess their spice rack can quickly turn into. Things get knocked around and wedged into crevices and pretty soon your “lazy Susan” is paralyzed. So much for a dash of cinnamon in your eggnog when it is forever lost in the far reaches your spice cabinet. It’s like the dark side of the moon back there. It never sees daylight.

The Spice Stack, however, makes storing your spices easy, and it is designed so that you can’t overload it. And since it has room enough to store up to sixty spices, you will probably never need to!

The Spice Stack has a three-tier design and each tier has a pull-out drawer, which flips out on a hinge so you can easily see what is in there. The drawers are even color-coded to make finding that perfect flavor even easier. If you feel like you need even more storage space, the Spice Stack is designed so that one can be conveniently stacked on top of another.

Slim Slide out Pantry

One easy way to maximize space in a small kitchen is by taking advantage of every little nook and cranny. A great way to do that is with the Slim Slide Out Pantry.

If you don’t have a lot of cabinet space then you probably don’t have much room to buy a big traditional pantry. The Slim Slide Out Pantry is designed to slide right into previously unused space like the little area between your refrigerator and the counter.

It has three shelves for storage and is set on casters so that it can easily be slid in and out. This convenient little space-saver is also great for out in the garage, in the laundry room, or your bathroom. It measures 5” x 21 ¾” by 26 ¾”.

Range Shelf

One of the cardinal sins of kitchen organization is “Thou shalt not keep the microwave on the counter.” On average a microwave takes up a whopping four square feet of space! If you have a small kitchen that is space you desperately need for preparing meals.

The range shelf easily installs right on top of your stove. It is also convenient because it puts the microwave right at eye level. The Range Shelf is also made of textured steel with porcelain side supports. It measures 30” x 18 ¼” by 15 1/8” (above the top of the stove).

Adjustable Door Rack

Never underestimate the need for a well-stocked pantry. If you live in the temperate climate zones then there is probably going to be at least one snowstorm every winter that keeps you in the house for a few days.

The adjustable door rack is another great way to maximize space for all those cans of chili and boxes of pasta that might come in handy some day. It can easily be mounted right onto any door and has seven racks. Each rack can hold about six average size cans of food.

Pot Lid Holder

The cabinet where you keep your pots and pans can quickly get just as messy as the worst spice rack. Part of the reason for this is that you naturally want to stack the pans inside one another, but then what do you do with all the lids?

The pot lid holder utilizes a simple design to solve this common problem. It has three wire shelves and can easily be mounted to your wall or right inside the cabinet door. It can organize approximately five pot lids, depending on their size. It measures 13” x 4 ¼” x 18 ¼”.

Most people will never know the luxury of one of those fancy television kitchens. Average moms and dads will forever be bumping into each other while chopping the carrots for the salad. However, with a few simple organization techniques you can easily make a small kitchen seem a whole lot larger.

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