Whether it is an indoor or outdoor car park in Singapore, Smart Lighting in extremely important for positive user experience and safety of the users. Car parks usually have lots of darker areas that can pose high risks to the people. Pedestrians are usually overlooked, and it does not offer the required visibility when the drivers are parking their vehicles. The brighter and consistent lighting reduces the darkness and improves the visibility by making the people feel safer. The lighting can also help to improve the visibility of signboards. AgilLiteS smart lighting systems supply a wide variety of HDB smart lighting solutions that not only good for lighting cost reduction but also offer a higher level of safety and visibility to the pedestrians and drivers in the car parking area.

AgilLiteS smart lighting systems can cater to the needs of both renovation projects and new construction such as car parks, malls, stairwell, corridors, functions, indoor and outdoor car parks as well as gardens. The primary mission is to provide lighting cost reduction and safe experience to the users. Here in this article, I will focus on the key advantages of smart lighting systems in car parks.

Benefits of HDB smart lighting system in the underground car park or basement car parks;

  • More than 50 percent of lighting cost reduction
  • No compromises on safety and security
  • Clear analysis car parking area
  • Optimization of resources efficiency
  • No Harmful material in the lights
  • Durable lights lead to low maintenance costs.

AgilLiteS Smart Lighting System

If you are one of those who are seeking ways of lighting cost reduction, then it is advisable to go for AgilLiteS smart lighting system. All the lights at AgilLites are sensors integrated with smart control systems. With AgilLiteS smart systems your lights will only get on when needed. They are perfect for car parking areas, gardens, stairwells, indoor and outdoor car parks and any other place where light is only needed when necessary. The smart light allows occupants to see the things when they are parking their car.

The lights are kept off at daytime. You can schedule the lighting need by yourself. You can also integrate various light management system depending on the type of lighting. Daylight controlling system, lighting dimmer as well as time switching offer various types of saving choices. HDB Smart Lighting is easy to install, and they are also ready to use.

Do You Want An Estimate For Smart Lighting Solution

If you aren't sure enough about what kind and amount of lights you need for your car parking area, allow us to make an appropriate plan. We consider the clients lighting needs and compare it with the lighting cost reduction requirement on the basis of the type of space and the frequency of the people using that space. With proper lighting need calculation plan, we can adequately measure and compare different lighting options.

Advice from a LED lighting specialist

Now that you have learned much about our services, lighting plans and smart lighting products for your car parking area, do not keep waiting. Order one of the best AgilLiteS smart lighting Systems in Singapore.

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Misty Jhones