If you want to go on that dream holiday and preparing to do so, then always give your health the first priority! It is your duty to conduct health check-ups on you and your family. Travelling can be great fun; but if you fall sick or unwell, it can be disappointing journey for you and your loved ones.

Some smart health-related tips for holiday travel are as follows:

Conduct a full medical check-up on every person who is travelling, and make sure you do it two weeks in advance.
Take prescription drugs as recommended by doctor, as most countries have different medical supplies and you may not get your medication in a foreign land.
Getting your kids vaccinated for flu, typhoid, meningitis, booster polio, etc.
Always take a first aid kit that has all the medical essentials plus sunscreen lotions. This can include your daily vitamins, medical pills, anti-allergic pills, band aids, cotton swabs, astringents, lip balm, cold creams, etc.
Take the prescription paper given by the doctor, if you want to refer to a foreign doctor in an alien land.
Consult your friend who has visited the travel place and take down numbers of local doctors or hospitals in that place.
Likewise, if you are going to spend an amazing time in countries like Australia or Africa; follow the dictum of the land and read the signs and avoid danger zones. Many beaches or fresh water bodies in these countries are infested with dangerous water reptiles, so you should be extra careful while planning a swim or surfing in them.

A group of fit and healthy people will add up to the fun and enjoyment in a foreign land, and provide a chance to have one of the most memorable holidays that you have ever had! On the other hand; sick and tired vacationers will not only dampen their fun but also infect others good spirits.

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You can find lots of wonderful travel related information through reputable online websites. You will also find numerous tips on enjoying safe vacations with medical essentials in tow! Similarly, your friend 's bad-health experiences can be an eye-opener for adopting healthy living lifestyle throughout your travel journeys. There are quite a few relevant longer life reference websites that can teach you to exercise caution during a long holiday abroad!