Enterprise is referred to as a large business in the tech industry. But this definition must be expanded when it is mentioned about EMM or enterprise mobility management. So in case of any workflow companies of various sizes are embracing the technology of enterprise mobility solutions. There are small and medium-sized businesses that also use mobile technology similar to that of any enterprise.

There are many SMBs that are run on mobile devices entirely especially in industries like retail and services where smartphones are considered to be the primary device for computing that is used by employees for taking payment, scheduling work, and also to communicate with customers. If you are having SMB then you must choose a mobile app development company that will help you in meeting your requirements. According to the data of IDC, mobile device shipments are growing at a faster rate in the industry of SMB.

EMM or enterprise mobility management is considered by any person who is having SMB. But it is important to keep in mind that EMM is having the capability of enabling mobility for businesses of any size.

EMM strategy for SMBs

There are many reasons why SMBs are choosing enterprise mobility management but the main reasons are given below-

Managing mobile

There are a wide array of devices for any organization whether it is small, medium, or large. It must be clear in everyone’s mind that laptops are not always used in offices and mobile devices are not always used on roads. There is a goal of EMM which is generally shared with UEM is helping the organization in putting all the devices of the organization under a single umbrella.

Protecting corporate information

It does not depend whether the company is able to adapt the BYOD, as normally the EMM technology will be using MDM as well as other classes of software management for protecting the corporate data. It must be mentioned that doing this in an effective manner will be meeting the BYOD challenges that seem to be overwhelming in the past years. An ondemand mobile app development company will always take care of these matters.

Protecting employee’s information

Similarly, an employee who is working in any organization will be opposed to using his or her device when they are at work as they are afraid that the data which is basically private might disappear or get compromised. This challenge is met effectively by EMM.

Collecting analytics of usage

The nature of the platform of EMM or enterprise mobility management is very comprehensive. A huge amount of data is generally collected which can play an important role for the organization to mark in a smart as well as less expensive manner. It all depends on the type of technology that is being used in the organization. So EMM plays a valuable role here.

Controlling data on stolen or lost devices

One of the common problems that are seen everywhere in the mobile device to get lost or stolen. EMM uses MDM in this case which is known to be a valuable part of EMM. This plays a major role in wiping the valuable data from the stolen or lost device. Now in many cases, the wiping of data that is personal in nature is handled separately.

Setting and controlling corporate policies

EMM can also be considered to be a powerful platform that helps in establishing as well as implementing the corporate policies easily. Moreover, these corporate policies can be changed easily with the fly and can also be customized depending on the level of seniority, department, geographically, or in any other way.

Controlling corporate applications

Now the involvement of the app store is very important for any technology solutions. Here a perfect role is played EMM, as the platform generally involves the app store. The overriding idea is that the deploying of apps is done in a quick as well as secured manner. There is also flexibility which helps organizations of any size in taking advantage of sudden opportunities and efficiently in other ways react to conditions that are fast-changing.

Keeping security software update

Security is a very important aspect for any business and so it must be maintained and must also be taken care of properly. There is always a change of security postures in a quick manner but employees are not able to keep the security updated always. The functionality of EMM plays an important role in leading a good timely distribution of patches and hence a safer workplace is there.

Meeting the requirements of compliance

One of the most important benefits of EMM or enterprise mobility management is the enforcement of policies. In order to take that step further, it is the ability to help mobile devices in meeting the standards of compliances. End-to-end infrastructure must be there to make the organization safe as well as secure.

Simplification of security, management, and other functions

The world of mobile is general and BYOD in the field of enterprise importance and that also in a quick manner. The resulting challenges of security and management were good in nature and also generated good creativity in software. In the current era integration of those tools in any broader platform is very useful. It can be said that EMM plays an important role in evolution.
Key features to consider in the case of EMM software which is provided by all mobile application development companies are-

1. Quick and easy in deploying
2. Has the capability to serve multiple OS
3. Confronting the BYOD challenge
4. Includes MAM, MDM, and various other forms of software management
5. Producing analytics that is useful for planning
6. Helps in following the rules when data is traveling or stored in mobile device


Large businesses seek the help of EMM but the above reasons were the main reasons why small and medium-sized businesses also seek the help of EMM. All they have to do is just hire dedicated developers.

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