HSBC has promised to issue policies to lend more credit loans to SMEs and offer more information services to SMEs including business trend, bank policies, overseas business environment and opportunities.

HSBC may arrange special working staff to attend overseas meetings and major trade fairs, focusing on helping local enterprise or SMEs to win new business partners in emerging markets in the Middle East, South America, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Such business information is very useful for SMEs as they can contact specific companies to talk about products, price and shipment.

SMEs have another way to develop foreign trade business on B2B platforms since the information will be more accurate and search function will be more complete, comparing with bank information service.

When there is no large amount of orders placed on SMEs, SMEs should adapt to a changing trend in foreign trade as they can focus on some small and short-term orders, which can be finished quickly.

HSBC said a return of capital flows should provide enough liquidity for SMEs to upgrade products and equipment to cope with changes. So bank’s reserve ratio decrease will benefit SMEs in reforming technology or developing new modes of products.

A loan guarantee scheme to be launched by HSBC as early as next month would help SMEs by lowering their financial costs.

In fact, B2B platforms can help more on SMEs development since B2B platforms know about the demand of SMEs and international buyers, and B2B could have professional market information processed in a huge database.

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