The first expression is your ultimate expression. And the main thing about your first expression is the descent smile in your face. This smile defines your personality and it also a good smile refers to a good condition of health. A splendid smile can conquer a billion hearts. The survey statistics shows that 75% of the people judge a person according to his smile and also shockingly, 45% of the people cannot gather confidence to smile while posing for a photograph. However, those who are diffident about their smile, have their best solution – smile cosmetic treatment. A natural beautiful smile gets corrupted if the teeth get stained or discolored, if any accident causes, the teeth broken or missing or if the teeth are mal-shaped or having gaps in between those. Sometimes the smile looks awkward when the gums get shown while smiling. But whatever may be the problem, a smile makeover treatment has the solution to provide you an amazing smile. A smile cosmetic treatment is actually a medical procedure which helps to make the smile attractive and charming, as well as to maintain the good health of your teeth. This treatment is commonly done by the physicians who are known as cosmetic dentists.

The first step to regain a good smile is to have a thorough check up of your teeth & mouth so that the dentist can determine your oral health. Before upgrading the appearance of the smile, the prior requirement is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. The smile makeover treatment can be done by straightening the overlapping teeth, repairing the broken teeth, replacing the gap between the teeth, reshaping the position of the gums, whitening the discolored and stained teeth. Sometimes colored metal fillings are used to cover the gaps of the teeth or hiding the broken teeth. A laser treatment can also be used to reduce the gummy effect in the smile. The simplest process of smile recover is the bleaching or whitening the teeth. Once the stain of the teeth is removed, your smile will reach a new level. There is also a practice of filling up the gap of missing tooth by using a tooth made by costly materia
ls like gold or silver. The duration of the smile cosmetic treatment can vary from a couple of sitting to a year-long treatment according the level of treatment you choose and the cost will also vary accordingly.

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