A beautiful smile not only grabs the attention of every person at first instance but also plays a magical role in bringing a smile on the face of an angry person. But, unfortunately there are lots of people across the world who are deprived or unfortunate to smile or laugh loudly in front of others. Well, it doesn’t mean that they are not beautiful or suffer from any of the physical disabilities, there are various reasons due to which they do not smile openly or hesitate in talking with someone. Some of the reasons which seems to be responsible for their hesitation might be pungent odor coming from their mouth, irregular infrastructure of teeth, or missing of teeth, graying of teeth at an early age etc.

As far as irregular design or infrastructure of teeth is concerned it might be from their birth, but as far as other reasons are concerned they might be due to irregular eating habits and lack knowledge about teeth cleaning. In today’s scenario, it is seen that going through the hectic working schedule and mental stress people of the next generation are not able to pay proper attention towards their eating habits, which adversely impacts their oral health along with other physical problems. Moreover, now days going through the changing life style people at the young age are getting addicted to the habits like smoking and drinking due to which they are being caught by various types of oral problems like graying of teeth, breaking of teeth at an early age etc.

Moving ahead there are lots of people who think that cleaning their teeth twice a day is enough to enjoy healthy teeth. Similarly, there are various people who think the rubbing their teeth hard will result in whitening their teeth throughout their life. Going through such misconcepts they get their gums damaged which in the long run result in loosing of teeth at an early age. As an impact of all these problems huge segment of people throughout the world is not able to enjoy the pleasure of having a beautiful smile.

Interestingly, today going through the treatment of smile design they are fortunate to regain the pleasure of smiling openly in front of others without any hesitation. In simple terms smile design treatment may be described as the method of removing the drawbacks due to which a person hesitates from smiling in front of others. The different type of treatment offered during the process include dental surgery, tooth implant, whitening of teeth, dental veneers etc. The worth mentioning feature of this treatment is that it not restricted only to placing a new teeth at the place of your missing teeth but factors like the tone of your skin, the original color of your teeth, hair etc are also considered by the dentists. All these factors are helpful in making your teeth look like an original teeth and do not let anyone know about the treatment you have undergone.

Some myths associated with the treatment of smile design: There are lots of people who think that going through the dental treatment means undergoing a long painful treatment. Well there fear is natural as in the early days the dental treatment was not as easier as it is in current scenario. Today going through the vast researches and technical developments there are lots of new methods used by the dentists that are helpful in offering painless dental treatment to the patient suffering from any type of oral problem. These methods include sedation, use of laughing gas, counseling with the patients etc. Today the dentists adopt holistic approach towards their patients and let them know about the whole process of treatment and also help them in overcoming their threat about the cosmetic surgery.

Finally it can be said that today if due to any reason who suffer from any of the dental problems then you need not have to ignore that problem due to your fear or hesitation. The only thing you need to do is visit an expert dentist of your city and discuss your problem with him and then rely on his shoulders.

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Dr Pieter Grobbelaar, the founder, has been in private practice for over 16 years and his aim was to work, especially with the people who were nervous, have dental phobias or who lost their confidence in visiting the dentist.