Stability of the Laser
Excimer Laser is a gas based laser. Even after many improvements, it is not as stable as a fiber based femtosecond laser
MEL 80 Excimer laser requires about six interventions in the year (including gas bottle changes)
VisuMax Femtosecond Laser requires lesser interventions (Routine Check ups)
Corneal Reshaping without ablation(Ablation VS Cutting)
An excimer laser performs photoablation
The photoablation rate increases linearly with fluence beyond a certain threshold
Excimer Laser fluence and photoablation rate gets influenced by various factors –corneal hydration levels, humidity levels, the presence of organic vapors, the depth of ablation
This results in a scatter affecting visual outcomes, especially for the treatment of high myopia.
Regression may happens in high Myopia.
Uses cutting instead of ablation
A binary process instead of linear
Much less influence of any external factors
Reflected in the tremendous accuracy achieved.
Results are especially interesting for high myopia, a group in which excimer lasers don’t fare as well.
Lesser incidents of Regression in SMILE.
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