When I was in school, I always looked forward to taking our yearbook pictures. Not quite as much as I looked forward to field day on the last day of school, but picture day was still a big deal. I always picked out my best outfit. I took
extra care with my hair and made sure my face was nice and clean. I would even wash behind my years.

The eighties marked my teenage years. My child love to browse my yearbooks and laugh at the photos from those days. They can't help but wonder just what exactly we were thinking. When I look at the photos, I can't figure out how the photographer managed to get both our big hairstyles and our face all in the same shot.

I conducted a search of the internet for bad yearbook photos and came across a site at BadYearbookPhotos.com. The
motto, "Because everyone has one," certainly hits home for many. If your child is giving you flack for a bad
yearbook photo, take them to this site and show them it could have been worse.

In order to avoid having your own children's pictures end up on this website some day, I have a few tips for
yearbook picture day. The first tip is you shouldn't overdo it. Send your child in clean clothes, but don't dress
them up in their Sunday best. Save that outfit for the family photo you send out on your Christmas cards.

Make sure your child takes a comb or brush with them on that day so they touch up their hair before the photo.
Although some little girls might want their hair done in a special braid or with a pretty barrette on picture day,
avoid styling their hair as if they are going to the prom. The yearbook photo is intended to capture your child as
they are. Take them to Glamour Shots for the updos.

Help your child understand that they should just act naturally during the photo shoot. Then again, maybe
you should talk about just smiling naturally. Since there is often only one shot taken, there is a lot of pressure
to get it right and sometimes they may exaggerate their smile. You could even practice with your child the night
before to help them relax.

If your child is sick on picture day, don't even think about sending them. A child that is forced to attend school just because
it's picture day most likely won't produce a quality photo. Keep them at home and save the photo shoot for picture
makeup day.

A lot of children look forward to their yearbook pictures. But for many, it's a day of pressure and angst. They
know their classmates will be scouring the pages once the yearbook is fresh off the press. Follow these simple
tips, and hopefully you can help your child have a yearbook photo that won't end up posted all over the internet.

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I'm a teacher with a passion for writing about free online yearbooks. Visit classmates.com/yearbooks to learn more.