Each tooth plays an important role in your mouth, and missing even one can lead to altered function. You may struggle to eat comfortably, your teeth may shift slightly, and you may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about smiling. If you are missing multiple teeth, however, the situation may be exacerbated. Your appearance may even suffer as your jawbone begins to deteriorate. Multiple dental implants can help restore the full function of your mouth and help you regain your confidence.

Multiple dental implants work differently from traditional tooth restorations. Our Dublin Metro Dental dental implant specialist is able to restore your smile to its natural beauty using implants, artificial tooth roots that fit into the spaces left behind by your original teeth after they have been extracted or lost. Dr. Sadineni has over 15 years of clinical experience focused on advanced restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry. She is trained to use the most technologically advanced dental equipment – helping to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with traditional dentistry. Dublin Metro Dental is one of the best implant dentistry in Ohio.

In the past, once you had lost multiple teeth you would have to choose between dentures or fixed bridges. Dentures were removable, could be uncomfortable, and often slipped out awkwardly at the worst possible time. Bridges, on the other hand, required extensive preparation of healthy teeth, and would ultimately need to be replaced. Dental Implant replaces a missing tooth or teeth and supports dental bridges and also secures dentures.

Dental implants can be used with both dentures and bridges, solving several problems associated with these restorations. Dentures fit in place securely, while bridges do not require healthy teeth to be damaged when they are used with implants. A dental implant may also be covered with a crown for the most natural-looking restoration of all. If you have lost all your teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay, or trauma, you may benefit from full mouth dental implants.

If your dentist determines that you may be a good candidate for multiple dental implants, you will have a comprehensive dental exam that includes X-rays to assess your gums and jawbones. The procedure may take between three and five visits to implant the titanium roots, allow the tissues time to heal, and fit and affix the final restorations. You will need to keep your new titanium implants and restorations clean and maintain excellent oral hygiene habits in order to heal properly.

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