Regular Cigarettes - A Tough Habit To Kick
Cutting back on cigarettes can indeed be a long and drawn out process. So much so, that it is often considered by many health professionals to be one of the hardest addictions to get over. Most people don’t even attempt to give up, and those that do give it a go often throw in the towel far too quickly.

Unsurprisingly, it usually boils down to the same old reasons as many other addictive substances. You see, once someone gets used to the comforting sensations of being able to smell the tobacco and see the exhaled puffs of smoke, they rarely managed to keep away from the deadly habit.

And Your Alternatives?
There have been quite a few smoking alternatives that have cropped up over the years. Some of these have been pretty ineffective and even pointless. However others such as patches, gum and sprays have proven to be a little more effective. But even in these cases, many people often complain how they miss the 'comforts' that they are so used to when it comes to smoking. It seems that people are really just as hooked on the visual and physical stimuli as much as anything else about smoking.

Smokeless Cigarettes - Is Smoke Assist The Best Yet?
Its a good thing in that case that a relatively new entrant into the alternative smoking market - smokeless cigarettes, caters to this exact need. The main strengths of these new alternatives are just how similar they look and feel to a traditional cigarette. Not only do they provide a realistic experience with authentic tobacco flavor taste, but they also emit copious amounts of realistic looking 'vapor' smoke! In fact the user experience is so satisfying that many famous users have even appeared on talk shows extolling their virtues. One was even featured in the recent movie 'The Tourist' starring Johnny Depp, where he explained to Angelina Jolie that he was not smoking a cigarette at all, but an alternative electronic cigarette.

Which brings us to another important point. Unlike regular cigarettes you can smoke e-cigarettes pretty much anywhere you want to, even in public places such as bars and restaurants! Specifically, the laws and regulations pertaining to regular cigarettes are not applicable to them. Since technically these are not really cigarettes in the traditional sense, but merely electronic units emitting water vapor. So there you have it, one more problem solved.

No Harmful Effects, No Nasty Chemicals
And to top it all off? Well, you see Electronic cigarettes provide all of these neat benefits with none of the horrible, nasty, unhealthy and dangerous side-effects of traditional cigarettes. There is no deadly tar, tobacco, or smoke at all. In actuality, the smoke that is emitted is merely water vapor, as is the flavorful tobacco taste which is merely simulated by the specialized filter cartridges in the atomizer unit.

On the whole, it really does look like smokeless cigarettes really can provide the smoking population with what they have been looking for all this time - a much healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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