Can Cigarettes Really Be Smokeless?
The very idea of smokeless cigarettes seems like an oxymoron - a contradiction in itself. However when you look a little deeper into this new and innovative concept, you will find that it really does make a lot of sense. To start with, the 'smoke' which is referred to in the naming is not actually smoke in the traditional sense. It may look and appear to all intents and purposes, just like real smoke, but it is in fact just water vapor.

The Harmful Dangers Of Regular Cigarettes
This brings up a very important point that we just cannot avoid. Regular cigarettes are extremely bad for your health, there is just no getting around it. I guess the real kicker is when cigarette manufacturers start placing the warning 'smoking kills' in huge bold lettering on the actual cartons themselves. Now that really does highlight the magnitude of the many dangers in a very big way.

Not only do traditional cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, but they also contain deadly tar, tobacco, and numerous other harmful substances. Some of these are extremely addictive. Once a smoker is hooked on regular cigarettes, they often find it very difficult to get away from them. Sometimes they may give up for a while, only to get hooked again later on a few months or even years down the line. In many cases there may be an emotional or psychological trigger which sets this off. In other cases its just the passive smoke from other people that sets a smoker back on the wrong path again.

A Simpler Solution
Whatever the problem that we may encounter in our lives, there is very often a solution. Sometimes it may be more difficult than we could possibly imagine. However every once in a while there comes along a solution which is simpler and far easier than most would expect. Smokeless electronic cigarettes like Smoke Assist are one of these solutions.

So what is it? Well its basically a device which appears a lot like a regular cigarette in both look and feel. Not only does it emit copious amounts of realistic looking water vapor 'smoke', but it also tastes very flavorful and satisfying just like a tobacco based cigarette. The most important difference being of course that the e-cigarette will make such a difference to your health its almost incredible. Naturally you'll start to live a much healthier and enjoyable life once you get yourself off smoking regular cigarettes. And the realism of these smokeless alternatives may actually help you stick to your goals this time.

Its worth remembering that, not only will these devices help you cut down on regular smoking but they will also provide you with an easier and more comfortable way to go about it. The realistic and satisfying alternative smoking experiences many smokers have gained by using these novel e-cigarettes has been described by users as nothing short of amazing. Celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon and expounding their virtues on national TV chat shows. And they are not even being paid to provide these endorsements, they are simply huge fans of the product.

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