A mistake occurs first time is a mistake but if it repeatedly occurs that is crime in the same way if someone smokes only one time has less chance of its negative effects but being edited of it is the signal of more injurious impacts. Human beings are the biggest fool on the earth, as despite the instruction given on the cover of the cigarette that ‘smoking is injurious to health’, they foolishly inhale the poisonous smoke. Your regularity of consuming five proteins and nutrients contained fruits or vegetables are in no way influential if you are a chain smoker. Really healthy behaviour means nothing if you are consistent of smoking. Most people believe that smoking is only the cause of lung cancer but it can be causes of many such diseases.

To be assured, lets stress on the focal points of the cigarettes’ characteristics - chemically cigarettes contain more than forty thousand chemicals compounds and at least four hundred toxic substances. It burns at 700 degree at the tip while you inhaling it, by producing various toxins such as nicotine, carbon mono oxide and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. Smoke increases 90% of risk of lung cancer. It can also cause cancer of mostly all the major parts of your body like liver, kidney, bladder, lips, mouth, throat, heart, stomach, pancreas etc. We cannot ignore to write its effects on the cardiovascular disease.

The deposit of cholesterol and other fats in the arteries makes your arteries hard, narrow and blocked. And if the arteries gets narrow it makes the causes of blood clot. Similarly, in the cases of smoking it extends the risk of hard and narrow arteries and gives birth to the blood clot. If there grows blood clot it can be the case of heart attack, brain disorder, and stroke, blockage of brain, dementia, high blood pressure and kidney failure. Remember that smoking causes coronary thrombosis ten years earlier than the non-smokers. There are some other effects of the smoking like- the smokers are four times more likely to have gray hairs and increased hair loss.

It can be said that no amount of smoking is health free. Its effects also depend on since how long have you been the smoker. It can affect your physical activities; it makes you feel dull and inactive. It reduces the functions of your physical organs. Especially, tobacco injuriously reduces the effectiveness of the medicines the doctors prescribes for your diseases. These medications can be included as sedatives, ulcers medicines, insulin, antidepressants, pain relievers, tranquilizers and many more.

Its other side effects are that the smokers increase their stress and tension. According to the doctors, the smokers tend to consult the doctors for their stress behavour more frequently than the non-smoker. Smoking stimulates adrenaline and also harmfully blocks the body’s natural pain relievers. A recent report has revealed that in the military basic training those who smoke carry 50 per cent more chances of receiving sprains and fractured than the non-smokers or the ex-smokers.

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