The media and Entertainment Industry is taking a new shape daily. The growth of new media platforms and entertainment ERP software and applications are boosting the business.

Is ERP crucial to the smooth operation of the media and entertainment industry?

ERP for Media and Entertainment Industry enables strategic planning in the aggressive media business. It helps to reshape the traditional sector. The entertainment industry can benefit from software support as a single-point solution to all operational hurdles.

Production Management

ERP For Media Industry can give you support for controlling all media-related production activities. Unlike the manufacturing industry, the media industry relies on support for scheduling programs. Different media like print, information, and different visual media can customize ERP to suit their needs. Odoo ERP helps to plan all manufacturing processes in the Entertainment Industry.

Printing and publishing operation management

It is not necessary to control printing and publishing activities manually. The Open Source Software solution can streamline all points of the printing and publishing part of the media industry. Scheduling the printing time, page limits, and space allotted for totally different purposes are possible with Odoo; this also assists media management in automating deadline management and alert generation.

Project and task management

Odoo project module allows the media and entertainment companies to assign tasks to completely different employees. Work allocation and deadline setting turn out to be easy with ERP for Media and Entertainment Industry. The flow of the project and the completion stages could be considered with a click. Project status can also be monitored in real time. Odoo ERP tool gives a boost to project task, follow-up, and timely completion.

Manage the database of subscribers or viewers

The smallest to the most extensive media companies can use the Odoo ERP platform to manage the completely different databases. Enterprise Resource Planning Solution offers you with the facility to manage the database of subscribers. While print media can manage the database of readers, visible media can manage the record of viewers. New media ventures could make also make use of the ERP system to auto-update on subscriber numbers. It will even assist to plan future projects accordingly.

Telecast time and rating management

Entertainment media thrive on the score and subscription quantity. Whether it be a film or any other entertainment, the prospects are the viewers or readers. Using ERP systems to schedule the telecast will increase customer satisfaction. It may make it easier to prioritize the program. The setting of prime time packages based on every program’s score can be doable with the ERP platform.

Advertisement and time and space management

Advertisement is the source of income for any media and entertainment business. The time slot allocation or place allocation for advertising is a major part of the enterprise. With ERP For Media Industry, a media and entertainment company can easily schedule time slots and area slots for commercial. The use of an e-platform will eradicate the possibilities of duplication of slot allotment. The available time and space slot could be reviewed shortly. Besides, the value for completely different time slots may also be fastened based on the rating and viewership.

Improve Content management

With ERP integration, project allotment, content era, and content material putting will get synchronized effortlessly. The standing of content material and the proposed allotment of time and area could be fastened without issue. Implementing ERP for Media and Entertainment Industry will assist the group to observe and evaluate every content and available time and area slots. Besides, the subscribers’ evaluate of the content may also be built-in with content management.

Electronic Document Database

Odoo ERP For Media Industry presents the excellent solution for electronic document database management. The documents and details of all clients, advertisers, partners, shareholders, and others could be managed without a struggle. The details of employees, previous employees may also be managed with ERP tools. As well as updating clients and others on developments automatically by email, it will allow automated e-mail communication.

Finance management support

Odoo Finance could be integrated with the Entertainment enterprise. It provides you with a cloud-based platform to handle each aspect of accounting and finance management. For example, With Odoo, you can also organize advertisement revenue and sale revenue. Besides, all bills, together with salary, maintenance, and taxes, could be documented and calculated with Odoo ERP.

Plan market operations

Odoo is the best ERP system that can assist you to analyze and evaluate the market situations. The report era characteristic helps to comprehend the position of every shopper. It may help in analyzing the revenue of the firm. Such a characteristic helps managers and buyers to enhance advertising and marketing methods to increase revenue.


Contract and copyright management

Media and Entertainment Company has to deal with many copyright-related points and laws. An ERP implementation firm can serve you to handle this want in a well-defined method. Setting copyright circumstances and checking violations could be done with the help of the ERP platform. Besides, it may possibly also assist you to manage contracts and agreements with clients and artists. It will prevent authorized issues.

Employee management

Like any other industry, Media Industry needs the best employee management ERP software support for its smooth operations. The Human Resource Management ERP of Odoo could be integrated to assist employee recruitment and performance appraisal. Department management and coordination of completely different departments additionally turn out to be easy with software support. It also helps attendance and leaves management.

Time management

Planning the shift hours of workers helps to enhance productiveness. Odoo Timesheet offers you with the excellent device to set work hours for the employees. It permits us to document the scheduled work hours and efficient work hours. It additionally allows a consumer to mark field responsibility and official responsibility.

Payroll management

Are you finding it tough to manage the payroll management system?

Payroll management turns into a painless task with the efficient use of ERP. Gone are the days when the accounts department needed to do all the calculation works manually. In the paperless world, ERP technologies help to calculate wage for everlasting and contract employees based on their work hours.

Maintenance management

Maintenance works can be coordinated between departments with ERP integration. Maintaining a repair calendar and completing all work on time is made easier with it. As a result, money is not wasted and productivity is improved. In addition, request raising for maintenance of gear and approval for request will get simplified with the open-source software solution.

Odoo presents you customized ERP for Media and Advertising Industry to suit your enterprise. In addition, ERP business software from Apagen Solutions is here to take you to new heights.

If you intend a new ERP For Media Industry and you’ve heard about Odoo and got attracted by the Odoo ERP platform, determined to use it but don’t have time, resources, or knowledge to manage this yourself, thereby trying for skilled help, then you’ve come to a right place. Apagen solutions has carried out scores of Odoo ERP all around the world.

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