When confronted with a Goliath-size problem, which way do you respond: "He’s too big to hit” or like David, “He’s too big to miss”?

How many times have we had to face to this menacing ogre? As long as we live on earth, Goliath and its sidekicks will always lie ahead in some valley waiting for our dare to cross over. New levels means new devils.

Goliath’s overgrown size is a typical example of how the enemy uses the magnitude of our problems to try to diminish our faith in God. However, the extent or enormities of our troubles do not size up to the power that lies within us. God has said in His Word that we are overcomers in this life because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

Have you ever wondered why David took five smooth stones? Well, in case you didn’t know, Goliath had four brothers, and the extra stones he took are symbolic of his preparedness.

David prepared himself for the “just in case” scenario. He had enough stones to take out his brothers in the event they decided to get into his way. He knew his opponent and he knew his target. David knew that his strength was not in his skill, the sling, or the smooth stone; he only needed them as a point of contact.

Let’s look at the instruments David chose:
If you were fighting someone twice your height and weight, and you had a chance to select a stone, what kind would you choose? I know that I would be inclined to pick the most jagged rock I could find. If at all possible, something with the sharpest, toothed point. Right?

However, this is not what David chose or used as his fighting tool. It is in this that I learned my lesson about smooth stones. A brief lecture in aerodynamics has taught me that smooth stones fly straight. My husband Bill likes to play golf. Every now and then, when he gets into a mood for swinging things, he will go into our backyard and whack a few golf balls. I found out that the balls that have dents or cuts on them don’t fly nearly as well or straight as the perfectly smooth ones.

So what is the big deal about smooth stones? Well, let’s first understand how a smooth stones comes about. Smooth rocks are formed by the fast, pounding streams of water and other rocks that rub on them. This process over a period of time allows the hard, pointed parts of the rock to smooth and even out.

Have you ever been rubbed the wrong way? Have you ever been accused, criticized, and mistreated? Has life ever grinded you down? Well, these encounters are designed to eradicate the rough spots in you. Getting rid of the rough spots is sometimes hard, but these elements are what make a smooth stone; and it will take a smooth stone to defeat the Goliath in your life.

Sometimes we will feel like what we are doing is insufficient, boring, or unimportant. David was only a shepherd boy tending his father’s flock. His job at times required him to switch from being “shepherd boy” to “errand boy” as he took food to his brothers at the battlefield.

Nevertheless, David never got angry but was obedient to his father’s wishes. Even when he received insults from his brother Eliab, did he show restrain. He was publicly insulted three times: 1) accused of being irresponsible by leaving the sheep, 2) his job in life had been degraded, and 3) he was accused of being prideful and wicked.

Despite the allegations, David exemplified outstanding character in the midst of a chaotic situation. Even though he was the youngest of the brothers, he was expressing an enormous amount of maturity, courage, and control, which catapulted him into the next phase of his destiny.

David did not place his confidence in his skill with the sling and stone but knew that they were only instruments used for God’s glory. He rested and trusted in the God of Israel because he knew that the battle belonged to the Lord.

God will use what is in your hands because little is much when God is in it. What is in your hands? When the troubles of life come parading and mocking at you, when the Goliaths in your life try to weaken and make small what God has begun, do what David did, come against them in the name of the Lord.

Tilt your hearts toward the Son!

Narda Goodson
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas
Influence, Inspire, & Infiltrate!

Author's Bio: 

Columnist and First Lady of Whitewright, Texas, Narda Goodson is a well-known inspirational soloist and speaker for conferences and women's groups across the United States. To look at her today, one would never guess the terrain of her journey. Her teachings are said to be powerfully anointed, real, insightful, encouraging, and life giving.

As a full-time Christian author and speaker and through her own experience, Narda seeks to direct women to finding their purpose and destiny through faith, hope, and God's Word.

Speaking styles include from innovative musicals to humorous storytelling with rousing inspirational and purpose driven messages. Narda has the anointing and gift of weaving together Scriptures, stories, songs, and music to communicate truth, and as she speaks, she integrates personal accounts and draws off life and writing experiences, which includes her first book WILL THE REAL ME, PLEASE STAND UP and articles for newspapers and newsletters on many topics related to Christian living.

Whether it is a workshop, a breakfast or luncheon, a women’s gathering, or a sanctuary setting, Narda enjoys sharing the Word of God to women from all walks of life.