Prior to joining bulk SMS business, you need to know the basics of SMS service. Text messages are used for communication and advertising is also a form of communication. You spread information about the launch of new product, introduce new companies and urge people to visit certain websites through print advertisements. SMS marketing is also a method of spreading information and a SMS reseller is the person, who flashes bulk messages.

Bulk SMS service provider is certainly not the competitor of mobile networks as he works closely with the networks. The SMS service provider uses the infrastructure of the networks. The networks charge the service provider for using the infrastructure and they also allow the service provider to access their database of mobile users. In other words, both the networks and the service provider work in close association.

Ad agencies and media houses are attracted to bulk SMS service because they have clients that need this service. By starting SMS service, an ad agency can make quick money as it doesn’t need any additional infrastructure, manpower or clients for starting this service. You need a computer, broadband connectivity and a few hundred dollars for starting this service. It is the SMS service provider that would help you start the service.

You can become a SMS reseller only when you join a SMS service provider. If the service provider finds that you can resell SMSs, he would allow you join him in the business. The service provider would provide you training and also assist you, when you need help. Bulk messages are flashed with the help of a web based application that is managed and maintained by the service provider.

The SMS service provider has the sole right to manage the business and you would only assist the service provider in this business. Your job would be to buy bulk SMSs and resell those texts to your clients. In case there is a problem with the application, you can report it to the service provider. In short, you won’t find any hassle in working in the capacity of a SMS reseller.

You must be thinking about the earnings of a SMS reseller. If you are thinking about how much you could earn by reselling SMSs then you would be delighted to know that you could earn a huge amount by reselling text messages. Also you are free to determine your profit margin.

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