Walking carefree in the sun, a false tumble leads to frightening danger.
Walking was always a time when Charlotte felt relaxed. She was alone, the open countryside was unchallenging.

The sun, even when beating down, was both comforting and company.
The rutted dirt road threw the heat back in her face so she moved off into the veldt.

Even in the best lesbian novels events like this were never described by lesbian authors, nor to be found on lesbian websites.

The once long grass was brown due to the summer drought, most of it flattened by the wind, aided by the brittle dry stems. She watched the flash of the hoopoe’s black and white striped wings as they looped around in pairs, caused by Charlotte’s entry into their territory; disturbing their foraging for insects hiding in the grass.
She stooped down to tighten the strap on her new sandals, they were a little too big for her.

Gazing across the rolling veldt that seemed like a vast ocean, with low, slow rolling brown waves that seemed to go on for ever. Charlotte wondered if she would ever travel beyond the blue of the distant Drakensberg Mountains to some of the fascinating countries that she was learning about.
Almost mesmerised by the view, the shimmering heat haze that gave occasional mirages of large pools of water, and her accompanying thoughts; Charlotte tripped falling full length face down, slightly winded she opened her eyes.
Terror hit her fast and hard.
Not four feet from her face was the waving head of a rinkhals snake.
It was not just the proximity of the snake’s malevolent eyes that that terrorised her, but also that she was lying facing a cobra capable of spitting venom with an uncanny accuracy of up to twice that distance.

Charlotte knew a lot about them, as they were viewed as the common local venomous snake. She closed her eyes, then put her hand to her face. What happened next was never in lesbian websites, lesbian authors seldom wrote about snakes.
The move unsettled the snake, it spat at Charlotte sending a trickle of venom down her hands and into the corner of her mouth.
Involuntary reaction made her lick at the venom, it tasted like rusty water.
Her body was shaking with fear, but her mind seemed to be independently calm.
The venom was only dangerous in the bloodstream; so above all she must stay still, and avoid being bitten.

How long she lay there shivering under the hot midday sun; she had no idea. Was it fifteen minutes or an hour. She peered carefully through her fingers.
The rinkhals was gone. Slowly, very slowly, she got up and ran for the safety of the road.
She fell like a sack of potatoes at the road side, half in and half out of the storm ditch.
Emotion was now released and wave after wave of heaving sobs wracked her small body.
Lying there, her composure very slowly seeping back; she became aware of an approaching vehicle, the unrepaired exhaust system emitting a noise well above the permitted limit.
A small two door pickup truck skidded to a halt beside Charlotte, the cloud of dust that had followed the truck fell around Charlotte and the emerging driver, choking both of them.
When the air cleared Charlotte could see a tall pair of robust legs, wide hips, large jutting breasts with a dark tanned smiling face looking down at her.

Bending down the driver reached forward; placing one arm around Charlotte’s back and the other under her knees. Lifting Charlotte easily into the bench seat in the front of the truck, she introduced herself.
“My name is Sue-Ellen.”
Placing Charlotte gently down, Sue-Ellen closed the door and went round to take up her position behind the wheel. Charlotte began to cry quietly as the aftershock took over, shock as described in the best lesbian novels.

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