You are not your mind. You have a mind. You are not your body. You have a body. You own these things. They are yours. No one else has the right to mess around with your stuff unless you give them permission.

Since there are those who take your lack of control of self as implied permission to mess around with your mind and body, until and unless you begin to assert your will to regain control of your body and mind and the essence of you, you will remain a passive participant in creation and will be unable to come into your own power.

Knowledge is crucial to mastery. Self-knowledge is the first and most important stepping stone on your path to self-mastery.

What are you thinking? Why do you think those thoughts? To what purpose? With what intent? What are you feeling? Why? To what purpose and with what intent are you feeling those emotions? What are your beliefs? Why do you hold them? To what end?

Try this game…pick one of your core beliefs. Ask yourself why you believe it. If the answer you get back is ‘because it is true’, then ask, ‘where is the proof?’. Next ask ‘how does this belief serve me?’. Then ask yourself if it is possible that you bought into this belief simply because somebody sold it to you.

In paragraph two above, it said you must regain control of the essence of you. Self-knowledge is the knowledge of your real essence. Yes, it is vitally important to know how and why your body works and yes, it is vitally important to know how and why your mind works if you want to control them to your benefit. More important is to know who you are, your essence. Ask yourself, who am I? Who is it that asks that question? Who is it that has a body? Who is it that has a mind? Who is it that is aware of itself?

It is your own individual consciousness that is aware, that has a mind, that has a body. But your individual consciousness exists within universal consciousness. Just as your physical body is an inseparable part of universe, your metaphysical body is an inseparable part of the metaphysical universe. The metaphysical universe is the ultimate reality from which the physical universe, and all things and events in it, arises. The metaphysical universe, or universal consciousness, is also the ultimate reality from which your individual consciousness arises.

Therefore, in order to know yourself (the asker of the question, ‘who am I’), you must get to know your body, your mind, your consciousness AND universal consciousness. To get to know how you can fully realize your power to be creative, you must get to know how universal consciousness creates.

There are two methods to get to know how universal consciousness creates. The first is to study its creation (universe) and see how it is put together and how it functions. This is the approach of science (physics). The second is to study consciousness itself. This is the approach of spirituality (metaphysics).

One of the branches of physics (some might say biology) is genetics. One of the branches of metaphysics (some might say psychology) is memetics.

Genetics is about the information coding that controls how your body functions. Memetics is about the information coding that controls how your mind works.

Just as advances in the science of genetics are enabling humans to increase our physical health and well being, advances in the science of memetics are enabling human beings to increase our mental (and emotional) health and well being.

There are, however, some very real possibilities that the science of genetics could be used in a destructive way. For example, it could be used to spread a disease that affects only certain racial types or to breed humans that are specifically designed to perform certain tasks.

There are also some very real probabilities that the science of memetics is already being used in a destructive way.

There is also a great deal of discussion about the dangers inherent in genetic engineering. There is, however, very little discussion about the dangers inherent in memetic engineering.

Consider this perspective…much of the major objections to genetic engineering comes from organized religion, which quite rightly says that humans are starting to mess around with what is the purview of the divine. However, you do not hear much from organized religion about the morality of memetic engineering. This may be because they are very much involved in engineering how you think and what you believe.

You hear a lot of noise from government about genetic engineering (recently, stem cell research that is already proving to produce almost miraculous advances that may lead to organ regeneration, cures for spinal injuries and more) and how we should be cautious about messing around with the genetic code. Quite rightly so.

BUT, you hear nothing from government about memetic engineering; because they are actively involved in mind control; not only of individuals (witness the ongoing CIA experiments), but also of whole societies. Please note: the majority of the American population still believes that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had something to do with the September 11th, 2001 terrorist events that destroyed the World Trade Center and killed 3,000 people despite the fact that IT IS NOT TRUE. Why? Because the American population was intentionally manipulated to believe it to be true, through memetic engineering.

Fear is intentionally engendered, amplified and directed to control how the populace thinks and what they believe so that they can be controlled. Your creative capacities (and your freedom) are thus being intentionally curtailed so that a few power-centric people can direct the affairs of humanity.

Many who read the previous paragraphs will find this objectionable, not (as they should) because it is happening, but because they do not want to accept that is happening.

Most people are quite willing to believe that certain cults practices brainwashing or mind control or memetic engineering over its adherents; but refuse to even look at the possibility, let alone admit, that their own cult does the very same. You may not think that you are a member of a cult; but you are. Even those rare individuals who have no affiliation with any organization, club, religion, company or peer group are a part of their culture. Cult. Culture. Both demand that their members adhere to certain beliefs and thought modalities.

I don’t bring this up only to point out that you are being manipulated into thinking and believing certain things for the benefit of others. After all, you already know that to be true. (I mean, you do recognize and will readily admit that advertisers purposefully work to get you to believe certain things and act a certain way. Why resist the knowledge that others are as well?) The reason I mention it is to bring you to the realization that, if others can deliberately work to influence your actions and behaviors by controlling your thoughts and beliefs, then you can certainly work to influence your own actions and behaviors, and thus, your results, by consciously choosing your own thoughts and beliefs.

Your brain is the bio-computer; your mind is the software installed on that computer; your consciousness is the programmer that writes the software. Or it can be, if you decide to be in charge of who you are and what you create. If not, then, by default, your computer will be installed/infected with off-the-shelf software that was written by other programmers for their own purposes that may not coincide with your ideals and best interests. Think about that.

It is time for you to wake up. It is time for you to become the conscious creator that you are capable of being. It is time for you to claim the freedom, power and responsibility for being at cause. It is time for you to accept your role as active participant in the ongoing evolution of universe. It is time for you to start playing this game at the level you are capable of playing it. It is time. It is your time and it is now. Right here. Right now.

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