Snapchat Adds Sponsored Geofilters Through Revamped Ads Tool
Snapchat introduced Sponsored Geofilters ad format called Audience Filters that can be targeted to precise audiences despite locality and can be bought through its updated Ads Manager tool.

Fresh Audience Targeting

Sponsored Geofilters are meant for people in particular locations, such as in an airport, at a concert place or near a brick-and-mortar store. Meanwhile, Audience Filters aren’t location-locked and their targeting is audience-based, not location-based.

Audience Filters can be targeted according to people, gender, age language, and the device they use and Snap Lifestyle Categories. These filters can also be targeted by location, at a much wider level than Sponsored Geofilters. As an option of accurate geofences, brands can aim Audience Filters at people nationwide or zoom into exact regions metro areas or ZIP codes.

New Buying Method

Another variation between Sponsored Geofilters and Audience Filters is how the later one can be bought. The first method is Snapchat will sell Audience Filters through its Ads Manager tool, which had previously only sold the app’s vertical video Snap Ads. The second process is that these filters will be traded through its ad sale by Snapchat.

Objective Based Bidding

Snapchat is rolling out a goal-based bidding alternative for Audience Filter campaigns. When purchasing an Audience Filter, brands will be asked how much they are eager to pay for each time someone posts a snap that features a filter, either in a confidential message or in their Story. Afterwards, Snapchat will introduce the branded filter in the filter galleries of public considered most likely to apply it to a Snap, as contrasting to those who might play with it confidentially but never share it with someone else. This is a way for advertisers to attempt to make certain that their branded filters get a wider reach. It is also a way for Snapchat to get additional money, although it eventually charges advertisers based on the amount of impressions their advertisements receive, not the number of times they are shared. That could alleviate the probability that selling Audience Filters programmatically will push down Snapchat’s overall advertisement price.

The adding up of Audience Filters isn’t the only update that Snapchat is making to Ads Manager. Snapchat is legitimately rolling out an online training program, called Snapchat Explore, for small and medium-sized business to study the ins and outs of advertising in its app.

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