Trolling across the sea is enjoyed to an extent when we play water sports. Cutting the sea surface and drawing the trail is happening when we play the water sports in Goa.

Riding over seawater with the unevenness of the waves and bumping gravity is one of the fun while having islands tour. The water sports packages will definitely bring the abundance of happiness leaving you uncounted in the infinity accompanying with boating in Goa across every island with dolphin tours. The lands emerged out of sea surface or separated from mainland always gives us the iconic view of this environment standing intact fearlessly supporting enormous wildlife and sea life. The western coast of India having shallow water, giving a base for sea creatures to dwell in natural habitat. Goa, one of the historical settlements for Portuguese and their existence still gives the taste of their rule and culture. Under the coconut, shadow lays the humid cool air to breathe in.

Snorkelling tour accompanied with Goa island trip adds life to the adventure. Goa blessed with long rocky and sandy beaches to be walked with naked feet. Snorkelling trip is an enrapturing task to be done to gaze at the underwater life.

Goa consisting of many small and large islands, every island having its history and monuments picturing the rich history. Islands in Goa such as :

1. Pequeno island Also Known As Bat Island. This island has one of the rocky beaches to be trolled on having small cliffs gives an astounding view of Arabian Sea, the island is quiet enough to enjoy the sound of the waves and spend a peaceful time

2. Conco island Also Known As Monkey Island. As the name suggests this island is home to monkeys strolling over the trees.

3. Raneache zuvem, revora situated in north Goa. This island is covered with thick canopy connected by Revora Bridge. One would like to wander in the vegetation as it provides with home to various local species.

4. Vanxim beach, situated on banks of river Mandovi which is a lifeline of Goa for providing fresh water. Home to mangroves and counted in India’s mangroves zone, blushing wit greenery and dwelling home to various crustaceans like crabs, shrimps, clamps and much more to be enjoyed as seafood.

5. Sao jacinto island, one of the rocky island and boarding harbour for small famous for lighthouse directing the voyagers during the Portuguese era. Saint hyacinth chapel famous for their feasts and celebration.

6. Anjediva island situated on Arabian coast in south Goa. The island is accommodated with Anjediva fort, the shrines of Our Lady of Brotas and São Francisco de Assis built by the Portuguese. The island is named after local goddess Ajdurga Devi.

7. Cumbarjua island located 20km from Panaji situated in backwaters of goa famous for fishing, this island is habituated with Indian mugger a crocodile species, further, it has also famous Shanta Durga Kumbharjuvekarin goddess.

8. Divar island located across Mondovi River the island is famous for the church of Our Lady of compassion. The Bonderam festival is celebrated on fourth Saturday of August every year. Thousands of tourists dancing and singing across the street for liberation from Portuguese. Potekar festival like Halloween is one of attracting event for youth.

9. Chorao island known for churches and Salim bird life sanctuary is an estuarine mangrove. Bird species as striated heron and western reef heron and others like little bittern, black bittern and many more. One of the largest islands equipped with Indo-Aryan history till Christianization our Lady grace church, St Jerome chapel, chapel de Nossa.

10. Grand Island Scuba Diving the most beloved destination of Goa, having shallow waters and corals near to the descended. The aquamarine appearance of the sea and the sparkling sunlight lightens up the quantifying sight of the sea. Scuba Diving tour with snorkelling is busted with enthusiasm and curiosity to be doused by the never lasting sites of the reef.

Snorkelling sport is the best for swimmers to discover the shallow waters from a height and drive in-depth to explore. Snorkelling in Goa is well guided by the diving instructors to control the breathing. Free-floating over the water bind by the surface tension enjoying the intricacy of the ocean floor. Shallow ocean with lavish life of wavering corals, crawling vertebrates and much more whose surfaces are delicate to be steeped on thus snorkelling is the best sport to be enjoyed from a height. Snorkelling along the Grand Island gives profuse sights of marine fishes with bountiful colours with ray fish, turtles and many more snorkelling is a real experience of feeling weightlessness as the up thrust of the ocean will drag all the stress of the body.

When nature provides us with such profound experiences it’s our duty as a human being to explore and protect it in their natural environment. Snorkelling teaches you to breathe without any support, control of the inhale-exhale makes lungs flexible enough to balance our body rhythm and adapt to changing circumstances. Unlike scuba diving with the air you carry, it is the real air you breathe and taste like salt to add the flavour of life. Make sure to dive and float in the vastness of uncertainty.

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Aman Sadh is a passionate travel and tourism author. He lover visiting new places and often seeks for challenging adventures for fun.