So what is Conscious clubbing

Do you love to party but are thoroughly fed up with the hangover the next day?
Are you reaching for a higher vibration of Bliss and want to meet more people like you?
Here at the WILD CHOCOLATE CLUB that is exactly the Vibe were playing in
We’ve created a raw sensual Ecstatic Conscious clubbing event that guarantees to shake of your inhibitions and let loose natural vitality and bubbliness!


Super juicy raw treats And KICK ASS RADIANT DJ’s
We create a beautiful dance space where YOU can explore the bodies desire to move and connect with others from an authentic place. Supported with raw superfood juicy treats that enhance heart opening natural highs. Nourishing your body and help to flush out toxins Exciting, vibrating, transforming and transmuting YOU at a deep cellular level.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Ecstatic Awakening Dance, although deceptively simple in its structure, is a powerful fast-track path to transformation. All it requires is regular practice, an open mind and a desire for growth. Using rhythm, music, meditation and breath to ignite our life-force, move us past our resistances (whether these be physical, emotional or mental!). There is no right or wrong way to move! Shake jump, shimmy be wild! It’s simply about tuning in and turning on to your own energy, to let go of tensions, to allow an unfolding of the layers of contraction in our mind-body-heart liberating the dance within.
Love lounge,

A chill out space to chat, lounge and maybe give or receive a beautiful massage.
With superfood juicy treats.
A range of superfood boosting juices and treats to get your va va voom going on the dance floor.

As the name suggests a key superfood that will be used is raw chocolate. This superfood has a long list of positive health attributes well worth researching, but here are a few reasons why we love it and use it to enhance the conscious clubbing experience.

•Raw chocolate is one of the richest sources of antioxidants found on the planet.
•It has several mood enhancing compounds , as it contains serotonin which acts as an anti depressant

•It contains phenylethylamine which is a gentle mood elevator enhancing a sense of well being and blissful sensations
•It is a natural aphrodisiac and has long been the food of lovers; connecting us with our body and heart
•It is a natural clean stimulant enabling you to have that boost of energy needed to dance and dance with none of the agitating side effects
•Its smell increases brain waves which can induce relaxation

Ecstatic Radiant Dj’s

Need we say more, pull out your best moves and make someone smile with tunes to make you dance more easily
Were dedicated to bringing more love onto. Together we can celebrate and bring remembrance that we are all co creators in the changing paradigm and shift of consciousness.
‘I used to organise underground warehouse parties and spent a lot of years dropping pills and dancing all night. It was the feeling of connection to myself and others that kept me immersed in this scene I just didn’t realize I could get the same high any other way, now I simply know that’s not true.With Super foods, super music, the desire and permission to connect together we break through the defences of the mind and come into the heart, without a toxic come down the next day.

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Rebecca Hanscombe
Founder of Ecstatic Empowerment Systems
Tel: 07879 292235