After three dates, all seems to be going well with the woman I met. What is the best approach to taking it to the next step?

Sherri's Answer:

I have to assume that by “next step” you mean making the first move on this woman. Ironically, the other night as I was flipping through the T.V. channels I caught the car scene from the movie Grease when Danny’s gets painfully rejected by Sandy. In my opinion there were several fatal flaws which caused the leading lady to slam the door on the rockabilly playing Travolta, and which you too should avoid the first time you try to get physical.

1. Hedge Your Bets: Before going in, remind yourself that it’s only been a few dates. This will prepare you not to take rejection to heart in the event that she does not respond favorably.

2. Don’t Overthink It: Women by nature are attracted to men who exude confidence, but premeditated moves like the yawning arm over breast stretch, can cause you to lose your element of cool. Genuine is better than slick should be your mantra, so "Keep It Simple, Stupid" if you want that K.I.S.S.

3. Try to Be Impulsive: There is something sweet about an impromptu first kiss. Plant one on her in a non-sexual context, at a moment when she says something funny or you find her doing something endearing or not looking her best, to make her feel special, adored and wanting more.

4. Make Sure You Are In Sync: No matter how hot things get, you must be sure to respect her physical boundaries. Keeping close control of your inner thermometer and paying attention to her body signals and cues will help ensure that your woman remains within her comfort zone.

Best of luck, I hope she shares your feelings!

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