HTTPS websites are more secure according to Google and they are starting to occupy the first page of Google’s SERP, because Google emphases more on online users security. As well as Google officially announced that switching your website over to HTTPS will also give you minor raking boost because Google prefers site that are trusted, secure and certified. And this is still important to understand the difference between HTTP AND HTTPS. How to switch from HTTP to HTTPS? But main question is that what are the SEO Ranking benefits of HTTPS websites?


The word http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is system which is used for transfer and receives the information between user and web browser over the internet. The focus of this protocol is to give and take the data over the internet. Another main function of HTTP is how the information, data is represented to the user, but it never care about that how this data is gets from user to web browser and vice versa. This system is stateless means it does not remember anything about the previous session. This stateless functionality helps in more speed to transfer and receive data and it required less data also because it forgets the earlier web sessions. Http structure is very simple and mostly used to retrieve html pages.


This is mainly known as Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This was developed to allow only authorized and secured transactions. HTTPS same as that of HTTP because it follows the same basic protocol but main difference is that it secure the confidential and important information to transfer and receive over the internet. This protocol secured the confidential important data in order to prevent unauthorized access. The HTTPS provide an extra layer of security to secure the important information and this layer is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).This Layer provides three key layers of protection

1.Encryption: Encrypt the exchange data in order to keep it safe

2.Data Integrity: No one can modify and corrupt the data during transfer

3.Authentication: This proves that users communicate with secured website.

Seo Advantage of using HTTPS websites

HTTPS websites are secured and certified, is main reason to keep your website in Google’s good ranking position. HTTPS signal showed “positive results” in terms of relevancy and ranking in Google’s search results. If a searcher found your website and another website quite similar, but your website uses HTTPS Url and another website uses simple HTTP URL, then preference will be given to your website. This is because your website is more secure and safe over the internet.

The following ways in which HTTPS help your Seo

Increase the ranking
As stated above Google gives a little boost in raking to the HTTPS websites as compare to HTTP sites. But these thing still to keep in mind

Preserve the data
When data and information passes through HTTPS site, the confidential information is preserved and secure like credit card information, etc

It provide more security and privacy

Https adds extra layer for the transmission of traffic
It verifies the communicated website and server
It prevent the tampering by Third party
It makes your website more secure for online users
It encrypts all communication, including URLs, which protects things like browsing history and credit card numbers.

So switching is the best method to stay in good position in search engines like Bing, Google etc. Along with all of the SEO benefits we discussed, HTTPS is a far more secure system for your website to operate. Security of your website and users is the most important aspect for switching from HTTP to HTTPS.

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