Social Anxiety Keeps Me from Making Friends: How Do I Make Friends When I Have Social Anxiety - Ways for People with Social Anxiety to Make Friends

If you are looking at how to overcome social anxiety, then you are a far from alone. Social Anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric problems out there, ranking third behind depression and alcoholism as in need of treatment.

This is hardly surprising as the condition can inhibit people from performing what seem to others completely trivial tasks. For sufferers, making a phone call can be a challenge. There will be nerves and feelings of tension beforehand. Then afterward, there will be a re-examination and replaying of the call and how it went, and how it could have been handled "better". When your life is blighted in this way by doing what is apparently a small task, no wonder there is a need to discover how to overcome social anxiety and lift this seeming perpetual pressure sufferers have on themselves to perform well.

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While drugs can be prescribed, they are not considered the best way to go. They can help deal with some of the symptoms of depression, but they don't really tackle the root causes that cause the brain to go into this state of paralysis by analysis that sufferers can get that leads to a damaging and inhibiting circle.

If you are looking at just how to overcome social anxiety then the most recommended course is through therapy. As the brain is locked into quite primitive responses when it comes to fear, the best method as to how to overcome social anxiety is to almost re-train your brain as to how it responds to certain situations.

This can be a challenging process but it's widely regarded as the best method of dealing with social anxiety issues and trying to lead a life which is not blighted by fear of every day events, where an individual can fulfill their potential both in their personal life and career.

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Social anxiety can affect us and bring down our confidence level. You have to quickly deal with it when you start to find some social situation difficult.

Try these tips out to overcome your social anxiety and gain back your confidence.

Tip 1: Reach Out

This normally happens to people who are lack of communication skill and exposure to other groups of people. In order to deal with it and overcome your social anxiety, you have to reach out to others.
You can start by bring yourself forward during a small group discussion. This is a good training for you to start from a small group so that you will not get intimidated.

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Tip 2: Self-Help

There are plenty of self-help resources out there in the market. You can obtain those resources from internet, e-books to discovery ways to overcome anxiety disorder. Read them to find out one or two tips, which work best for you to solve your social anxiety. Most importantly, you must be willing to take on the information and put it into use.

Tip 3. Open About It

You must be able to accept and open about the fact that you are suffering from social anxiety, feeling uneasy and nervous whenever meeting up with a group of people. You can share it with your family or close friends, it is not embarrassing at all. They are able to provide you with a valuable advice according to their experiences that will help you somehow.

Open up to hear from others and work on the advice to over your social anxiety. It also helps to save your time and energy to try on some ineffective means.

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Anxiety happens when you experience depresses, worries and stress constantly, keep flowing in to you and you have been in a more serious condition.

This article is going to give you three real deal tips to stay away from anxiety and depression.

#1 Writing Journal

Writing journal is one of the best option to release yourself when you are feeling down and feel depress. When you are writing journal, it actually helps to identify on your negative thoughts that assail you and how they influence the way you think and behave.

From the journal, I believe you able to analyze the nature of your negative thoughts and recognize that they are actually not real or they are baseless.

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#2 Making Right Decision

In life, we need to make decision almost everyday, good decision will lead to better consequences and poor decision will lead to bad consequences. You need to carefully examine your decisions to avoid unnecessary problems and stress. Example with your current workload, do you think you able to cope if additional task is allocated to you?

You need to make a right decision for yourself in order to stay away from feeling anxious and depress.

#3 Sleeping

It is good for you to go and sleep when you are tired, irritable and grouchy. These are the potential conditions for anxiety to take root and grow. Getting quality sleep and sufficient rest is important in reducing and overcoming it.

Carry these real deal tips with you and start doing it right away to overcome anxiety and depression.

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We are what we eat and nutrition plays a huge part in recovery from both anxiety and depersonalization. This is why it is imperative to learn which foods serve to create a less reactive mind and body and which ones only add to symptoms and prolong recovery.

In order to allow a fatigued mind to refresh itself, as in depersonalization, one must make the proper nutritional choices.

To begin with, certain foods are best avoided at this time:

- Caffeine: Stimulates the system and fuels anxiety, which in turn plays into extreme feelings of depersonalization. Found in coffee, teas, sodas and dark chocolates. Also found in many cold and headache formulas and pre-workout supplements. Always check labels.

- Alcohol: Liquid sugar, which upsets both the mind and body. Produces a sharp rise in blood sugar levels followed by a steep drop. The body spends the next 24 hours trying to achieve balance in blood sugar levels, experiencing strong reactivity during this time.

- Sugar: Too much sugar is stimulating to the system, resulting in reactivity, anxiety and feelings of unreality for many. It's best to avoid sugar if one is highly reactive or only use after a meal rich in protein, to buffer the reaction.

- Tyramine: Not many are aware of the affects Tyramine has on the mind and body. This substance, found in many foods (aged cheeses, red wine, beans, chocolate, pickled foods) often results in insomnia, headaches and most of all, heart palpitations, leading to anxiety reactions.

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): This seasoning found in many processed foods, also used when cooking or preserving foods, has been known to cause headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations and foggy sensations to those who are reactive.

- Nicotine: Although not considered a food, this substance is stimulating and often results in anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia and irritability. It is best avoided by anyone with anxiety and/or depersonalization.

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The best food plan to maintain a less reactive mind and body is:

- Variety in foods: A strong emphasis on lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetable and whole grains. Rule of Thumb:Shop the periphery of the market.

- Do not skip meals: Adrenaline is released when nutrition is overlooked. This results in feelings of anxiety, depersonalization and irritability. Eat within a 4-5 hour time span between meals.

- Snack on healthy choices: Nuts, Seeds, Whole grain chips, Salsa, Hummus and Raw Veggies.

- Hydrate: Pure water best sipped all through the day. This calms and creates a less reactive mind and body.

Don't forget to keep the mind and body active as well.

Exercise in moderation is an absolute for maintaining a strong sense of peace and well being.

Boredom is the great enemy to anyone struggling with anxiety in any form. A healthy mind is a mind that is active and expanding. A bored mind turns inward and this is where the trouble begins. One is never too old to expand the mind by reading, doing puzzles, taking classes at local universities, working and learning in general. Always remain interested in learning, as an interested mind helps to deflect anxiety reactions.

The foods you select are able to make or break your day. These choices could make the difference between an easy going life or an every day struggle. It's up to you alone to correct nutritional errors and replace them with foods that fuel a healthy mind and body... and a life you can live with ease.

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