If you observe babies, they often appear to have little sense of being confident, acting properly, or personality traits such as being shy. The confidence that you had as a baby is still within you, though it might be covered by years of stress, insecurity, anxiety, and other situations. Social anxiety feelings can be undone.
Working with clients in coaching sessions, I see their potential clearly. My job is to uncover it and reveal the individuals true self. The tricky part is helping them to see it themselves. So many individuals consider themselves broken, not good enough, and involved in poor decisions. Those negative feelings make them act and feel broken and messed up. The good news is that their thinking is the real issue and changing it is the key.
If I saw these people as flawed and broken, taking their money to try and fix them wouldn't be fair. Because I'd be holding the same story, Instead, I see them as complete people with great potential along with typical human quirks and unique qualities. I see people trapped in their 'stinkin thinkin' and suffering social anxiety. My strategy is to work with my clients to help them see what is changeable and start at that point. Eventually, they are able to release their attitude of mental defeat without having a social anxiety cloud hanging around their heads.
The time of change is determined by the amount of defeat you feel about your natural self-confidence. Additionally, your successful change of attitude is based on how hard you work to fix your damaged thinking. Self-confidence is NOT BASED ON COOLNESS ALONE, it's being open and using expression to share and communicate with others.
You might think about picking up the guitar and easily playing something that amazes others. When I played as a child, it felt so natural and unplanned. It is called natural self-confidence. It doesn't even have to be a talent that you have, either. It might be opening doors, brushing your teeth or doing the dishes? For some it isn’t a work or a task to be done but you do it because you love doing it and you don’t get tired and bored of it. Everyone has some ability that comes so easily and with confident feelings.
People that feel smooth when being social, are being themselves. You do not have to have social anxiety disorder to shut down. You just need to try and do and speak the correct thing. It requires quite a bit of practice as well as persistence.
Don't try to be perfect and cool, or the person with all the answers. Do what you feel in your gut and in your heart. Get it out of you. You will not die, and the truth is, you might just live a little more freely.
I believe it all comes down to Social Anxiety vs. Self-Confidence (whether yours or mine, and the desire we all have to control it. HINT: it may not seem like a large deal, you need to really put on your armor. Make a list on a paper from the comments you have read.

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David has dealt with social anxiety disorder. He has gone through coaching programs that helped him so much with getting rid of social anxiety. He uses his experience and his personal coaching skills to help others who deal with social phobia. He regularly blogs about how to handle social anxiety at his site SocialExpression.NET and has many free resources available there for social anxiety sufferers.