Tips to Stay Connected During COVID-19 by eWN Digital Advantage

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many entrepreneurs to change their day-to-day routine. One major factor being how they communicate. The days of meeting up at coffee shops or working from co-working spaces are temporarily gone. It’s time to get innovative with communication strategies and turn to the one thing we have access to: technology.

Before we dive into the ways you can stay connected with your team, colleagues, and clients, we want to stress the importance of social distancing. According to a recent analysis of the coronavirus pandemic, a “25 percent reduction in contacts yields more than a 50 percent drop in cases after one month.” It’s all about flattening the curve or slowing the incidence of, especially with the U.S. currently leading in a number of cases.

We’re currently in a time to do some damage control with the implementation of Shelter In Place and Stay At Home laws. Even though we are distancing ourselves it doesn’t mean that communities have to disintegrate as a result of it. Here are ways that you can stay connected:

1. Schedule Online Video Conferencing

2. Be Active on Social Media

3. Join a Facebook Group

4. Attend Virtual Events

If you ask us, social distancing only really exists in the physical realm. 

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