​The internet has given people the chance to express themselves in a number of ways, and while this can be for their own benefit; it can also be for the benefit of others. This is not to say that one can’t make a difference by doing something for themselves, as this is not always going to be the case.

However, when they set out to create something that will make a difference to other people, there is a greater chance that they will have a bigger impact on their life. For example: if one was to edit a picture of themselves and then to share it on social media, they are unlikely to cause other people to see the world differently, for instance.

A Picture

At the same time, if one looked different in the picture or edited it in a way that caused them to stand out, they might inspire other people to do the same thing. Other people could then copy what they see in order to look different and they might even do it to gain more attention; this could then have a positive effect on how feel about themselves.

If one wanted to have a positive effect on others, they could end up taking a picture and then writing something on the picture. This may mean that not only will other people be inspired by it; they might also share the picture with their ‘friends’.

Increased Exposure

And while they could share the image because they like what it says, they could also share it because of how it will make them look. Along with this, it could also be seen as a way for them to gain ‘likes’ and comments.

What this shows is that there are a number of reasons as to why one would share something. But while sharing a picture with words on could be seen as the being better than sharing an image of oneself; a video could be seen as an even better option.


This comes down to that fact that a lot of people would rather watch something than read something. There is no need for someone to think; they only need to sit back and watch what is taking place.

Through doing this, they will be able to save energy, and while there are going to be some people who work hard and need times where they don’t have to think; there are likely to be others who will try to avoid thinking altogether. So if one wanted to create a video that had a positive effect on other people, they are going to have a number of options of choose from.


They may feel the need to create some kind of motivational video or video what is happening place to the environment, for instance. There could be something that is taking place in their society that they want to bring people’s attention to.

If this is the case, it could be a sign that they have seen a one gender being treated badly or people of a certain sexual orientation being violated in some way. However, even if they don’t have something in mind, it is not going to take them very long to find something that is not right in world.

Social Experiment

What they could then do is to go to an environment where something unjust is taking place and to play the part of someone who would usually be treated in a certain way. Through doing this, it will be a lot easier for them to get the footage that they need.

Whereas if they were to just go somewhere, they would need to wait until someone is treated badly or taken advantage of, for instance. Therefore, they will be taking a more active approach.

Sharing the Content

Once they have recorded a certain amount of footage and then removed the footage they don’t need, they are likely to have a powerful video to share. And depending on what the video cover, it might not be long until they will have received thousands of views.

Some of the people who watch the video may have been exposed to this experience for the first time, and this is then going to cause them to think differently. However, even if someone has been exposed to it before, it will give them a reminder of something that shouldn’t be taking place.

A Reaction

What this comes down to is that a lot of people are going to watch the videos and then they are going to experience a strong reaction. It could be said that this will be the perfect response, as someone is more likely to share the video.

But even if they don’t share the video, it could mean that they end up writing a comment and talking to other people about what they have seen. And if the purpose of the video is to create more awareness around something that is taking place, this is going to be the ideal scenario.


In this case, it is going to show that they don’t have a hidden agenda; they only want to show people what is taking place. Now this is not to say that they haven’t been affected in the same way in the past (or that they are no longer being effected in the same way); what it comes down to is that they are not trying to deceive anyone.

But while some people will create these videos in order to inform others about what is taking place, there are going to be others who have a different intention. Yet what can make it difficult for someone to realise this is if they react to what they see.

Critical Thinking

Through experiencing a strong reaction, it can make it hard for them to think critically, and it is then going to be a challenge for them to realise what is actually taking place. What could also play a part here is if one already has a certain outlook; the video is then going to validate what they already believe.

As a result, they are not going to feel the need to look any closer; the video is then going to be seen as just another piece of evidence. If someone was to settle themselves down and to take a closer look, they may soon find out that they have been deceived.


There is the chance that not only is the person who is being taken advantage of an actor, but the people who take advantage of them are also actors. Now, it could be said that these other actors are doing what other people would usually do and while this could be the case, it might not be.

Nevertheless, even if they are doing what other people would usually do, they are still actors. So this will show that they are not actually conducting a ‘social experiment’, they are simply acting out a scene in public.

A False Reflection

In this sense, what they are presenting is not an accurate reflection of what is taking place in the real world. It would be more accurate to say that they are presenting a certain scenario in order to trigger a certain reaction in other people.

This is then similar to how the mainstream media gives exposure to certain events in order to control how people feel. But if they are not trying to get a certain response from people, it could be because they see this as another way to gain attention.

Attention Seeking

If they were to post a lot of pictures of themselves, they might end up being seen as an attention seeking, but through creating a video like this, they can be seen in a different light. Their attention seeking behaviour is then going to be overlooked by a lot of people and they can end up disconnecting from the real reason why they are doing what they do.


So when they are done right, they can create awareness around things that need to change, but when they are not done right, they can create even more problems. For example, if someone was to watch a number of these videos and they were to find out they are not real, they could end up ignoring the real occurrences.

They could see them and come to believe that it’s just another ‘social experiment’ and instead of dong something, they could carry on with their life. This is then similar to the boy who cried wolf.

What this shows is how important it is for one to take the time to think about why they want to create a video like this, and if it is to receive attention, it would be a good idea for them to find something else to do. If one was only sharing the video with a few friends who realised what was happening it might not matter, but as so many people can view the video online, it is important for one to think about what consequences may arise before they share a video.

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